Tarot and Lenormand Messages for the Week Ahead

Tarot and Lenormand Messages for the Week Ahead (21-27 January)

Tarot and Lenormand Messages for the Week Ahead

Happy Friday, my friends! For the week ahead messages this week (21-27 January), we are working with the Pamela Coleman Smith RWS Tarot and the Gilded Reverie Lenormand: Expanded Edition. This is my favourite Lenormand deck and I use it for the FREE Lenormand readings I do on my new blog IntuitiveLenormand.com.

Before scrolling down for your individual messages, take a few moments to relax, ground and center. Allow your eyes to be drawn to a number above, for the right message for you in the week ahead. If you find it difficult to make your choice intuitively, you can allow a digital randomiser to do it for you – it works just as well!

Spirit Guidance for 21-27 January

General Spiritual Guidance for the Week of 21-27 January

For the general message from Spirit this week, we are working with the Secret Language of Color Cards and the Golden Wirth Tarot. Together these cards combine for a strong message about a need for healing, whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. The Rainbow card contains all the colours of the chakras. These may need to be realigned and balanced in the week ahead, so pencil in a chakra meditation now. Of course, as the card suggest, spending time in Nature is one of the quickest ways to rebalance yourself and bring yourself into harmony with the All.

Interestingly, the rainbow symbol is often seen in the accompanying Temperance card, albeit not in the case of Temperance from the Golden Wirth Tarot. There too, it is considered a symbol of healing. It is associated with the Greek Goddess Iris, messenger of the Gods. To Christians, the rainbow is a sign of God’s covenant with his people. The corresponding Archangel is Sachiel/Zadkiel, ruler of Jupiter/Sagittarius. People from many cultures consider the rainbow a divine sign and it’s hard not to smile when one appears on the sky after a rain storm.

Temperance is a card of soul alchemy and of balancing the forces of yin and yang within. It is a card of moderation, since excess pulls us out of harmony. Hence, in the week ahead, contemplate what needs to be brought back into harmony, where you are overindulging and where you need to exert yourself more.

Tarot and Lenormand Messages Reveal
Week Ahead Tarot and Lenormand Messages Reveal

You chose card combination number 1

The Hermit with Cross from the Lenormand speaks of a need to heal from religious wounding. You can do so by spending time in prayer, study and contemplation. You cannot find healing from this wound by running away from it and hiding in materialism or a consumerist mindset. The only thing that will bring you peace is to reconnect with your Source/God and apply your mind by finding good study resources that feed and nourish your soul.

Religious wounding invariably comes from settings where the world is seen in black and white, and where followers are forced into a mold. It comes from patriarchal power structures that have little or nothing at all to do with the core messages of the spiritual teacher they claim to follow. The remedy then is in trusting your own connection and in studying the writings of mystics who have devoted their lives to the inner life.

The first step is always to believe that it is possible to heal from the wound. It is hard to find that faith when it is faith itself that has received a blow but this week brings a massive opportunity for healing if you actively seek it.

Power crystal: Peridot

You chose card combination number 2

The 8 of Wands together with Mask from the Lenormand addresses the need to speak with authenticity and integrity. Have you been trying to make a good impression and compromised your integrity that way? Are you people-pleasing? Do you feel a need to wear a mask to cover your true feelings? Are you conforming to group pressure?

All of the above needs to fall away if you wish to restore your vitality levels and for your words to carry any weight. Be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to show the world who you truly are or what you really feel deep down. What the world needs now is people who have the courage to be 100% authentic in all their interactions.

Power crystal: Amethyst

You chose card combination number 3

Ace of Wands and Mice speak of a strong need to restore your vitality on physical level. You have been allowing bad habits to sneak in and though your conscience is gnawing away in the back of your mind, you keep telling yourself, ‘I’ll start being good next week.’

Well, my friend, this is the week if you have been looking for a sign. Good health is everything – make it your top priority. Make a list now of the things that you know help raise your energy levels and protect your immunity. Think about how you can start 1-5 new, positive habits that support yourself in the week ahead.

Remember, good health is not about depriving yourself in any way. Have a tactic for dealing with feelings of deprivation. What can you do/eat instead? Good health is its own reward but if it helps you stay on track, set yourself a reward to look forward to at the end of the week for ‘being good.’

Power crystals: Green aventurine