Tarotscopes for Full Moon in Aries 2016


This weekend’s Full Moon in Aries is a Full Moon that is likely to trigger change in unexpected areas of our lives, thanks to the conjunction with Uranus. Eris is also conjunct the Full Moon and she will no doubt demand her fair share of attention. The Trumps of this world ought to beware as she will seek vengeance against those who mistreat women.

While this Full Moon signals upheaval, those who have the courage to rise to the challenge can count on making quantum leaps in terms of personal growth. Shadow must be faced and dealt with – of this there will be no doubt. For this reason, I have chosen to work with the Halloween Oracle in addition to my own Frideborg Tarot (only a handful decks left now, so make sure to grab yours before they’re gone!). The Halloween Oracle gives us the most helpful attitude to have toward the changes that will occur over the next couple of weeks, until the New Moon in Scorpio. The Frideborg Tarot shows us the main issue/challenge and the ‘don’t’ (left) and ‘do’ (right).

Don’t forget to check both your Sun and Rising Sign!

Aries Sun/Rising


As expected, since this is YOUR Full Moon, the growth potential is massive… but you will have to be REALLY brave. There are aspects of the self you repressed a very long time ago, so trying to intellectualise about what happened and how to resolve it all won’t be very helpful. What you must do is be in deep communication with your inner child and allow the feelings to surface.

Some woundedness around your intellectual capacity may surface. You may realise that for too long you have felt not good enough or not clever enough. You must resolve for yourself to no longer feed such thoughts and mental attitudes.

The next stop on your journey will be to align fully with your life purpose and in order to do this, you can no longer allow yourself to play small.

Taurus Sun/Rising


This is a super interesting time for you in terms of finding new ways of doing things and trusting that your way is the right way. You are likely to be more innovative than usual. Don’t let an attitude of nostalgia or ‘but that’s how things have always been done and who am I to improve on them?’ to hold you back.

You may also find that your closest friends are very supportive of this new, surprisingly cunning you. Getting your family onboard may a different matter though. They are the ones likely to want to keep you stuck in the past. Don’t take this personally. Keep trusting in yourSELF and prepare for a bit of conflict over the weekend. It can’t be avoided but it can be dealt with in a dignified, detached and compassionate manner now that you’ve had the heads up.

Gemini Sun/Rising


Issues around home and hearth surface for you this weekend and the influence will last over the next couple of weeks. This is not a time to allow your emotions to rule because too many of them direct your conscious actions from beneath the surface. The temptation could be to get lost in music or other forms of entertainment as a form of escapism.

This is the time to look really closely at your home life and how many of the patterns you have ‘inherited’ from your bloodline or the family that raised you. Have your own values been drowned out by the need to please everybody else? It is time to make a stand and show people around you what values concerning home and family truly matter to you!

Cancer Sun/Rising


This weekend won’t be easy for you – the sphere most sacred to you, your family life, is being adversely affected with strife and conflict. Having received the heads up, please rest in the peace that this too shall pass and that there is not much you can do to resolve it now. The best solution is sometimes to walk away and this looks very much like the case here… You are not responsible for what is going on, nor can you help someone to change when they don’t want to.

Anything you say will only fan the flames. Better to wait until things have calmed down. This will also allow you some space to contemplate what has happened recently and how best to deal with it for yourself. Owl sees things hidden in the dark. This lunation brings a ‘dark’ period and it will take quiet contemplation to see clearly.

Rest assured, by the time of the next New Moon, things will be bright and sparkly again, so stay positive.

Leo Sun/Rising


Something you have been hesitating to do, due to a lack of self-confidence is coming up for you with this lunation. You will need to make a choice and you know that the right choice is to take a leap of faith. You are enough. You are capable. This is your time to shine!

The work you are called to do involves working with groups of people and taking on the role of organiser. This may be new territory to you but that doesn’t mean you aren’t capable – you ARE!

A new talent of yours is being unearthed. Have faith. Trust yourself… This will lead to all kinds of awesome in the future!

Virgo Sun/Rising


Change is more or less being forced on you now. But you are not quite ready to start a new routine or pattern yet. First you need to make sense of things intellectually. You need a plan and a meticulously planned schedule.

Or do you? How much of this is about a need for control? You are walking the fine line between analyzing and overanalyzing. What you don’t want now is getting caught in a state of ‘analysis paralysis.’ The remedy is simple: Phone  friend. You need some outside input from someone who is a bit more objective.

There is also a strangely odd pull to just up and leave. Resist this pull and phone that friend instead. There really is no need to drive yourself nuts over what is happening!

Libra Sun/Rising


There is tremendous potential for healing here and the key is to make yourself vulnerable. Shame and guilt can only exist in a sealed environment. Fling the windows open! Let the light and fresh air in. Let your proverbial ‘neighbour’ see you.

Family secrets may have festered for too long. You could even be carrying guilt that isn’t yours but that goes back a generation or two. Looking at this in more detail will pay off now, even IF it is likely to feel like hard work.

Make emotional freedom your goal over the next couple of weeks. You can only be free when you are 100% truthful and act with complete integrity. You have the chance to return to innocence now… what a gift!

Scorpio Sun/Rising


Emotional manipulation must die during this Full Moon. It doesn’t matter if it is you who are being controlled or you if you are choosing to surround yourself with people who are easily manipulated.

The emotional brick wall you built to hide your true emotions will come tumbling down. And that is a good thing! Cut those icky cords. Now you can move forward with integrity.

You have a chance to start over with greater clarity in the days after this Full Moon. Your energy levels will begin to rise again once this clearing work has been done. Don’t be surprised if what happens over the next couple of weeks makes you want to study a topic relating to the human psyche!

Sagittarius Sun/Rising


Some fun and games with your friends could get out of hand. There is a fine line between teasing and bullying sometimes. If you are the target, think about how good you are at taking as good as you give. Are you perhaps being oversensitive because of the Moon’s influence? It is quite possible that you end up offending someone without meaning to.

Don’t start an argument you don’t intend to resolve in a diplomatic manner.

Be discerning. Someone you thought was a friend quite possibly falls more in the category of ‘frenemies’ and this will be brought to light thanks to this lunation – The challenge is to not let this rock you and to not waste energy on it. No, dear saggie, you’ll want all of that mojo for the games and parties ahead this Halloween, in only a couple of weeks! Now is the time to start planning… mwhahahaha!

Capricorn Sun/Rising


Owl speaks especially to those of you who are self-employed and working from home. You have been stuck in a rut and it is time to rearrange how you do things, in order to better suit your needs, as well as the needs of family members.

All the hard work you have done so far must not be lost. Be careful to not implement wide-reaching changes on a whim. Think and ACT like a true boss. Proceed only when you are able to do so in an orderly fashion, with a long-term view of what you can achieve work-wise.  Be very, very practical.

Act responsibly. Yes, your work is important but in the end, your family is far more important and perhaps this is what you lost sight of somewhere along the way…

Aquarius Sun/Rising


If you are feeling that the relationship you are currently in is not meeting your needs, you are encouraged to dig a bit deeper and look at your own role. You are also encouraged to contemplate what your vision of love looked like before you started this relationship and how this played a role.

If you want to change things, you need to realise that simply walking away won’t solve anything. This is about a deeply established pattern which runs so deep that it feels like fate.

This is a good time to be mindful of what Jung said: ‘Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.’

Pisces Sun/Rising


Something happening in a a group of friends or gathering you attend regularly is creating waves. You may be wondering where you are going wrong.

Don’t worry. You’re not doing anything wrong, it is just that you need to start seeing things in a new light in order to understand the dynamic. You may feel that you should leave but all you need to do is to stop thinking that things have to stay the same or look a certain way to be right.

This is a wonderful couple of weeks if you just let go and allow what is to be. You are not under scrutiny here. Nobody is at fault for things changing rapidly. It’s down to individuals of the same group moving at different speeds. Not to worry, if anybody knows how to adapt, its you, dear Pisces!

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