Valentine's Week Ahead Love Tarot Soul Alchemy Forecasts

Valentine’s Week Ahead Love Tarot Soul Alchemy Forecasts


Valentine's Week Ahead Love Tarot Soul Alchemy Forecasts

Happy Friday, my friends! We are well into the ‘Month of Love’ and next week is Valentine’s day, so I thought we would focus on love and romance for the week ahead soul alchemy forecasts this week. I’m working with the, in my opinion, verrrrrry romantic Thelema Tarot for the individual forecasts and the general message for us all comes via the True Love Reading Cards by Belinda Grace.

Before scrolling down to read this week’s general message from Spirit, take a moment to ground your energy using your breath to connect to the earth’s core. Breath in the energy from Mother Earth through the soles of your feet, allow it to touch your heart on the way up and channel it to the Heart of the Cosmos through your crown on the out-breath. Breath in Cosmic love through your crown chakra (top of head) and allow it to linger in your heart before breathing it out through the soles of your feet to reconnect with Mother Earth. Repeat this cycle until you feel completely calm and centred. Next, either choose the number or symbol you feel drawn to for your Alchemy Stones and Tarot card message.


What is sexual freedom about for you? We only become sexually liberated when we know ourselves and our natural boundaries well enough to engage sexually in both meaningful and playful ways. Having sex with multiple partners isn’t necessarily a sign of someone who is sexually liberated. Sexuality is often linked to shame, embarrassment or trauma for many of us. This is why much that determines our responses in intimate situations resides in our unconscious mind. This is also the main reason for ‘slut shaming’ – We project our own shame onto others that way.

Sexuality is almost the last bastion then to conquer before we are totally emotionally liberated. This is why we see two gimps in The Devil Tarot card. They demonstrate that we are easily enslaved or oppressed via our basic sexual desires when we allow our unconscious mind to rule our sexual triggers via shame and guilt.

Determine this week to set yourself free by not shying away from examining what turns you on and why, as well as what repulses you and why. The Devil Tarot card actually has the medicine for these types of exploration: laughter! Don’t take it too seriously. Allow yourself to play and return to innocence whether you do it by yourself or together with a partner.

Valentine’s Week Ahead Love Tarot Soul Alchemy Forecasts – Reveal

Valentine's Week Ahead Love Tarot Soul Alchemy Forecasts Reveal

You chose card and alchemy stone combination number 1

The Moon from the Alchemy stones is a wonderful sign that you will be able to process and heal/shift stuff regarding your sexuality this week. Vow to stay connected to the flow of your emotions. Trust your inner nudges and any dreams or memories that surface. Have the courage to sit with them. See where in their body they land and breathe love into that area of your body. Release any tension caused by guilt or shame on the outbreath. Saturn in Leo is the correspondence for the 5 of Wands. Leo rules our playfulness and sexuality. The 5 of Wands could mean that your libido is blocked in some way or at least that you could do with a more playful and spontaneous approach in your sex life.

You chose card and alchemy stone combination number 2

Furnace with the 6 of Wands is a sign that this week is a wonderful time to nurture an already existing or blossoming new relationship with the warmth of your heart. Be generous and give of yourself. You can afford it because your energy levels are high and you will be richly rewarded. The 6 of Wands is Jupiter in Leo energy – an energy that adores to be adored but also doesn’t mind big displays of adoration. Just be careful to give what your lover wants rather than what you would want them to give to you.

If you are single, this is a great week to look for a date. Your confidence and charisma levels should be high and there is nothing more attractive than confidence coupled with kindness and generosity.

Whether single or coupled, while Furnace lends warmth to romantic pursuits, make sure you don’t overcook things especially since Jupiter energy cards have a tendency toward excess as it is. Allow for spontaneity but make sure you end the games before there are any tears. Oh, and maybe you don’t have to buy the most expensive roses you can find…

You chose card and alchemy stone combination number 3

I was tempted to make a joke about a threesome when I discovered that Mars was couple with the 3 of Pentacles (Mars in Capricorn) but I won’t. Heck, to some of you reading this it probably won’t be a joke anyway. What is abundantly clear is that you have all the sexual energy you need for whatever you need it for in the week ahead. Just make sure to use protection. Tarot 3’s relate to the Empress and tend to be fertile. Add to that the two Martian components here you may even find yourself on the Jeremy Kyle show for DNA testing to see who the father is if you are not careful.

Single and looking? You won’t need to look for long. You will most likely have your choice of two dates/suitors within minutes of signing up to that dating site… Soooo… What are you waiting for?!