Pick a rune and tarot card combo for the waxing moon

Waxing Moon Messages – Pick a Tarot card and rune combination

Pick a rune and tarot card combo for the waxing moon

Happy Friday, my friends! How has your week been so far? Perhaps you are noticing the added inner pressure of yet another retrograde Planet (Uranus this time) in addition to the tension building for the eclipse tomorrow. Or perhaps you are totally revved from the ongoing Lion’s Gate transmission. It’s a full cosmic buffet this week, so emotions could be all over the place. Keep grounding, keep coming home to your Self in meditation, and you will be just fine.

This weekend is the start of a week-long and much-needed holiday for me, so this forecast covers the whole Waxing Moon period (until the Full Moon on 26 August) rather than the week ahead. I hope that is OK.

Like last week, we are working with the Thelema Tarot deck and the runes for this forecast.

Before making your selection of a rune and Tarot card combo, you may wish to slow your breathing down, relax, release any tension and ground your energy. It helps if you close your eyes for a moment. As soon as you feel yourself fully back in the body, open your eyes and allow your eyes to be drawn to the number that is right for you…

General Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel is showing up from the Archangels Inspirational cards for general Waxing Moon guidance. Uriel, being the Planetary ruler of Uranus, gives us a clue that we would benefit from looking at how the retrograde motions of this planet might be impacting us on a more personal level. In addition to checking your natal chart for transits, you may also wish to give this Tarot spread a whirl to find out what it all means to you personally.

The name Uriel means ‘God is my light’ or ‘Light of God.’ Sudden insights (spiritual illumination) brought by this Archangel can help us awaken to higher spiritual truths. He is also the ruler of the Element of Earth and in this capacity, he can help us accept our earthly limitations. We need not be perfect to keep growing and evolving. We don’t need to have it all figured out – In fact, Archangel Uriel can help us laugh at a tendency to think that we should have it all figured out.

In the Tarot, The Fool is the Tarot card corresponding with Uriel/Uranus. Meditate with this card often in the coming two weeks – especially if you feel yourself getting way too heavy and serious for your own good!

Tarot & Rune Waxing Moon Messages Reveal

Waxing Moon Messages Reveal

You chose Rune & Tarot card combination number 1

Othala with the King of Swords speaks of putting your house in order. The next couple of week can potentially be very productive for you. This combination also speaks of a need to ground your many brilliant ideas into reality and making sure that they can be implemented contextually in a way that benefits those who could potentially benefit from them. This is not a time to remain aloof.

In particular, think about how what you do/create now will impact future generations. Think about how you want them to remember you as part of their heritage. You are on a timeline somewhere in the middle, between your ancestors and future generations with the stuff you are creating now. Humility and gratitude for your bloodline and the gifts it has bestowed you with will help you move forward with integrity and a feeling of being rooted.

The wisdom of your ancestors must not be lost to future generations and the burden of carrying it forward lies squarely on your shoulders. Write down what gifts and talents are unique to your bloodline.

For the relationship: Communication is how you build stability in your relationship over the next couple of weeks with the King of Swords and Othala. Othala can sometimes mean a commitment that results in moving in together. Discuss your plans and wishes for this to manifest.

You chose Rune & Tarot card combination number 2

Gebo with the 5 of Swords addresses an imbalance in the flow of giving and receiving which is bound to lead to conflict in the next couple of weeks. You either feel hard done by, or someone will let you know that they feel hard done by.

There is no point in trying to avoid conflict – It’s on the cards… but with the 5 of Swords you do have the choice of walking away once the confrontation has become apparent. You can choose to not become overly reactive and you can choose to take a time-out or even walk away completely. While you may not be able to create a win-win, you can at least avoid a lose-lose by preserving your own peace of mind to as high a degree as possible.

It is also likely that someone you thought was a friend and that you have helped in the past will turn out to not display the gratitude you expected. This may leave you feeling flattened and betrayed. Forewarned is forearmed. Know that people’s true colours often become apparent during retrogrades… and we have a whole slew of them now. Just be grateful that you can see things more clearly now and move on. There are others who truly appreciate you and it is those relationships you want to be investing more in.

For the relationship: Intimate relationships are likely to be fraught during the Waxing Moon. Repressed issues could surface or if they don’t irritability could start bubbling through in partners nitpicking. Make ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ your mantra and try to be as honest as possible about your feelings. If you feel that there is an imbalance in your relationship, then now is the time to try to resolve it. Use tact and diplomacy – Avoid blame.

You chose Rune & Tarot card combination number 3

Kenaz reversed with the Ace of Cups is a clue that there is an imbalance of the Elements now. Kenaz represents the balance between Fire and Water, and the Ace of Cups represents Water. Kenaz reversed shows a weakening of your inner Fire. This shows us in turn that the new emotional beginnings heralded by the Ace of Cups may be delayed due to an inability to act on your inner guidance.

You could be overflowing with inspiration and yet unsure of what steps to take. This can easily be remedied by raising your Fire. That is all it takes to turn the Kenaz rune upright. The key is to take one small step in the direction of your desire to break the inertia.

You can try placing Kenaz (or draw it) over your heart chakra to balance the Water and Fire Element within. Another tool you can use for the same thing is the Temperance Tarot card. You can also chant the rune name if you feel stuck.

Avoid guidance overload. Be careful to not read for yourself or request guidance unless you are determined to act on it.

For the relationship: You could yearn for a deeper emotional connection but feel unsure about how to act on it… Or if you know what you ought to do, you could lack the courage to follow through. Please see advice above for how to balance your Elements and raise the Fire. The potential for new love (or a deeper connection in an already existing relationship) is still there, you just have to exert a bit more effort to overcome your own self-doubts.


Lisa Frideborg

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