Week Ahead Messages - Pick a Tarot and Oracle Card Combination

Week Ahead Forecasts for 15-21 January

Week Ahead Messages - Pick a Tarot and Oracle Card Combination

Hello and Happy Friday, my friends! For the week of January 15-21 messages from Spirit, we are working with the Bach Flower CardsPamela Coleman Smith RWS Tarot and the Higher Intuitions Oracle.

Choose your number, before scrolling down to the general guidance message and the reveal. To choose intuitively, take a couple of deep breaths, relax, ground and centre your energy. Allow your eyes to be drawn to the number that is right for you. You can go to random.org and allow a digital randomizer choose for you if you find it difficult to choose for any reason – I find that both ways work just as well!

General Guidance for the Week Ahead

Week Ahead Messages General Guidance from Spirit

Soar from the Higher Intuitions Oracle is a messages from Pegasus. He wants us to rediscover the magic of everyday acts of kindness. Please understand that it is in your power to make a big difference in the lives of people in the week ahead, whether it be through a kind word, a smile or giving someone a helping hand.

Often when we find ourselves down and unable to see the meaning or magic of life, it is because we are too focused on ourselves. Looking outside to see who might be in need of our instance will help lighten your own burden in ways you may not even be able to imagine.

You have the wings of an angel, just like Pegasus, and the more you open up to love through random acts of kindness, the higher you will begin to soar.

Week Ahead Messages 15-21 January 2018

Week Ahead Messages Reveal 15-21 January

You chose card combination number 1

Larch with The Hermit speaks of confidence when it comes to teaching or shining your light in the world in other ways. As long as you do what you do for the Highest Good of All, you are supported on your Path. You do not need to doubt yourself. Take heart and push past the fear.

If you feel called to write a book, start a blog or teach in some capacity, you are being divinely guided to do so. Trust your inner guidance and ACT on it! Don’t get too hung up on getting the details ‘just so’ – Perfectionism is not your friend. It’s OK to make mistakes. The important thing is that you begin what has been a long time coming…

Power crystals: Tiger’s eye and citrine

You chose card combination number 2

Red Chestnut with The Wheel of Fortune speaks of a situation involving loved ones that is completely out of your hands… And guess, what, worrying about it isn’t going to help anyone involved – least of all you!

Trust that all will be well and turn to God in prayer. Surround your loved one(s) with angels and light a candle if you feel this might be helpful. Know that putting your faith in the Divine will help them in subtle ways whether or not they are close to you physically. The love and care of Source does not know any time-space boundaries.

Power crystals: Amethyst and clear quartz

You chose card combination number 3

Walnut and 9 of Cups speak of a need to break free from external influences that threaten to block you from following your inner compass of Joy. You know what you want and what brings you happiness, but you are sensitive to the feelings and input of those you care deeply about. This week you will need to choose if you are going to live your life for them or for you.

This is not a time to compromise or try to appease others by holding yourself back. Boundaries need to be put in place so that others do not block your path. Draw that line under the past now and start moving in the direction of your dreams. Don’t let anyone hold you back!

Power crystals: Garnet, black tourmaline