Week Ahead 1-7 October

Week Ahead Messages 1-7 October

Week Ahead 1-7 October

I wish I could start with my usual ‘Happy Friday!’ for this post but it wouldn’t feel genuine. The Kavanaugh hearing is weighing me down and I need a resolution… More than that we need a revolution against patriarchy. Watching Dr Blasey-Ford being forced to relive a traumatic memory in front of the senate and the stark contrast posed by the narcissistic rage of her abuser – who has yet to take a lie detector test, by the way – was triggering to say the least. I have barely slept.Is it a coincidence that this is happening on the week of the Full Moon in Aries where Black Moon Lilith featured heavily and with Pluto about to station direct on Sunday night? Of course not! Time to pause and breathe… Change is coming thanks to all that has transpired. Things will come right eventually and if we have waited this many hundreds of generations, we can wait a while longer while we listen to the death rattles of patriarchy. We now need to consider the legacy we wish to leave behind for our daughters and granddaughters because we are all waking up to the reality that this cannot be it.

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For this week’s pick-a-card for the week ahead messages, we are working with the Grimaud Ancien Tarot de Marseille and the Alchemy Stones. For general guidance from Spirit, we draw a card from the Oracle of the Unicorns. If you are interested in working with or learning how to use non-scenic pip decks, you might like to join us over at the Tarot Geekery where we will be working our way through Tarot on Earth for the October-November Tarot book study.

Before making your choice of a Tarot card and alchemy stone combination above, please take a moment to ground and centre. Alternatively, hop on over to the random generator and let it do the job for you.

General Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

Partnership from the Oracle of the Unicorns

Partnerships change when old paradigms of relating die. This week’s message from the Oracle of the Unicorns is not so much about romance or business partners coming in – though it could mean that for some of us – as it is about re-evaluating how we relate and whom we let into our inner circle. Do we team up with people who accept the status quo? Are we in close relationship with people who are complicit in Patriarchy’s inherent abuse by wilful ignorance or stubborn silence?

We need to consider what kind of future we want to build as we regain momentum when Pluto stations direct. We need to surround ourselves with all the right people…

Tarot & Alchemy Stone Week Ahead Messages Reveal

1-7 October Week Ahead Messages Reveal

You chose Alchemy Stone & Tarot card combination number 1

Fire with 9 of Swords is about righteous anger piercing the veil of fear and confusion. You are taking your power back this week. You put the kool-aid down and rub the sleep out of your eyes. The 9 of Swords is a reminder that we can invoke divine grace if our thoughts are heavy and filled with anxiety. You are not alone… Look up!

You are meant to act on that fire in your belly. Taking action is another way of dispersing anxiety. Look around you… What do you see? How can you begin to change things by digging where you stand? How can you lead by example? Think in particular about how you can use your words, both spoken and written, to influence people.

For the relationship: Relationships may be strained this week. You are very much in the head so will need to make a ‘heart drop’ happen to not appear aloof and/or belligerent to those close to you. Also, talk things through with those of your kith and kin whom you trust. Getting your thoughts out of your head and into the world will be helpful all around.

You chose Alchemy Stone & Tarot card combination number 2

Philosopher’s stone with 6 of Coins is a good sign that you can make great progress this week. Whatever you are working on is sure to succeed and all the resources you need for your work will become available to you.

You will feel happier and more light-hearted than you have for a while. This is a great week to contemplate what you can give back to society, considering that you are where you are now because of the support that has been offered to you. As you shower others with gratitude and appreciation, your joy and gratitude will multiply. Remember: ‘To whom much is given, from him much is expected.’

For the relationship: Ease and enjoyment are on the cards for already existing relationships. If you wish to manifest a new relationship, you must consider the values of your potential new love interest: They must line up in harmony with your own core values because you are meant to meet someone with whom you can manifest much goodness in the world.

You chose Alchemy Stone & Tarot card combination number 3

Peacock’s tail with Knight of Pentacles is a great combination for anyone who has feeling dissatisfied with their work-life or career achievements as this heralds new, creative beginnings. You’re moving away from the doldrums in the direction of the magic you have always had inside you.

Nurture your creative side as much as possible by sticking to a discipline. Set aside 5-25 minutes a day to indulge completely in what nourishes your soul so that you fuel this positive change as much as possible. Now is not the time to rush or force any big decisions but rather to patiently honour your own creative urges in a way that helps you blossom long-term

For the relationship: More sensual enjoyment could definitely be on the cards for you this week. You see and appreciate the beauty in your lover. If you are single and looking, you are able to attract new potential partners with ease as your true self is starting to really shine through.




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