Week Ahead Messages 10-16 September

Week Ahead Messages 10-16 September

Week Ahead Messages 10-16 September

Happy Friday, my friends! We have an awesome New Moon in Virgo weekend coming up. Check the weekend forecast out HERE,  try the Hermit’s Lantern Tarot Spread and make sure you don’t miss out on this fabulously auspicious Lunar event for making your dreams come true!

For this week’s pick-a-card forecast, I working with the Oracle of the Unicorns and the Dragon Tarot. Dragon and Unicorn energy seems to want flow in synergy at the moment, so I’m going with the inspiration on that. General guidance from Spirit this week is via the Oracle of the Dragonfae.

Before choosing your card combo and scrolling down to the reveal, please take a moment to ground and centre. Take a few deep breaths to release any tension with your eyes closed. Gently open your eyes and simply choose the number you are drawn to above. Alternatively, you can allow a digital randomiser to do the choice for you.

General Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

The Guardians from the Oracle of the Dragonfae

The Guardians from the Oracle of the Dragonfae is a sure sign that things are moving on now. Saturn stationed direct yesterday. Any stuckness and/or obstacle that have their root in Saturn retrograde are being removed now so that we can take flight.

This is also a great sign that you can use this New Moon week to invest in your career. It won’t be long before this pays off and you start gaining traction for your work.

There is a great future pull and expansion of your vision this week. Allow yourself to step into this new reality and trust that your spirit guides and guardians have your back. You can expect practical help from friends an allies with any kind of move (career, house move, distant travels etc)  you need to make as well.

Dragon Tarot & Unicorn Oracle Week Ahead Messages Reveal

Week Ahead Messages Reveal 10-16 September

You chose Oracle & Tarot card combination number 1

Prosperity with the King of Cups is a sign that your big heart will help you prosper in the week ahead. It’s your ability to create close connections with other people and/or to help them heal emotionally which is your greatest gift. You are a natural healer and the person people turn to for comfort and wise counsel.

If you have been thinking about making this gift your main source of income, you have a green light from the Universe to go ahead. This is also a reminder that your treasure is where your heart is.

For the relationship: A wonderful week for intimate relationships. More emotional depth can be achieved now. A deep sense of gratitude for the people in your life will be a true source of ‘wellth’ this week.

You chose Oracle & Tarot card combination number 2

Celebration with the 7 of Wands shows us that what you have been fighting for so hard over the past few months or weeks is finally paying off and you get to reap the rewards for standing your ground, even when things seemed impossible and the naysayers wanted you to give up.

Use the momentum of this victory to keep moving forward toward your ultimate goal – Success is certain!

For the relationship: Your mojo levels are high. You can attract just about anybody you choose and great sex could certainly be on the cards.

You chose Oracle & Tarot card combination number 3

Innocence with Strength (Leo) places puts the emphasis on playfulness for you this week. Your heart has released all past feelings of bitterness and resentment which has brought your full strength back. Your natural modus operandi is gentle kindness once more

Any challenges you face this week will be easily resolved if you simply choose to see the best in people and play your way to the optimal resolution. Much healing energy will be available to you, thanks to the energy channels of your heart chakra being clear. Spread the compassion thick around you – It can only help!

For the relationship: Friendships and love relationships all benefit from your renewed strong heart chakra energy. You have the courage to be vulnerable and you truly wish to see the best in everyone which means everybody wins.




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