Week Ahead Messages 15-21 October

Week Ahead Messages 15-21 October

Week Ahead Messages 15-21 October

Happy Friday, my friends! For this week’s pick-a-card week ahead forecasts, I have chosen to work with MPR’s Alice Tarot and the Alchemy Stones. I have had this deck for a while now but for some reason, I haven’t been using it and was even thinking about selling it to raise some funds. However, now that MPR/Baba Prague have announced the release of a new edition, I have decided to hold on to this one and it will probably show up again on the blog.

The quirky Alice Tarot definitely adds a different dimensions to readings and I’m enjoying getting to know it. Watch out for a deck interview some time soon!

I hope you will enjoy the message from spirit below before you scroll down to the reveal.

Before making your Tarot and Alchemy stone selection above, it may be useful to take a minute to relax, ground and centre. If you find it difficult to make a choice, you can use the random number generator HERE instead.

General Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

pegasus - thinning of the veil

The veil is thinning drastically as we approach Samhain (Northern Hemisphere) / Beltane (Southern Hemisphere). Add in the current Venus retrograde and we are moving ever deeper into the realm of the psyche where our essence touches the All and souls can make their voices heard.

This happens even more in dreamtime than during than our waking hours, so pay attention to the guidance coming through for you in your dreams now.

Better still is setting the intent before you go to sleep each night to receive guidance for specific issues. You can write your issue down and place it under your pillow if you like.

You may also wish to call on assistance with dream guidance from ancestors and/or loved ones who have crossed over. Others you can call on for guidance are your animal spirit guides and the angels, deities and your personal spirit guides.

A top tip for dream recall is to not open your eyes straight away but to roll over on your side with your eyes still shut and try to recall as much of your dream as possible. The next step is to record it, either as a voice message on your phone or write it down in your dream journal.

The message you need may not be immediately apparent, so you may need to revisit the message once you have had a chance to mull it over to see where spirit is guiding you.

Keeping a record of your dreams is also important for detecting bigger patterns than can only be revealed through dreams/themes repeating.

Tarot & Alchemy Stone Week Ahead Messages Reveal


Week Ahead Messages 15-21 October Reveal

You chose Alchemy Stone & Tarot card combination number 1

Sun with King of Coins/Pentacles is about gaining clarity about how to become better organised and more practical so that you can achieve your goals. This process may not be entirely comfortable. None of us like to realise how we have been wasting time and squandering our talent.

However, don’t allow yourself to become burdened with guilt – This week is all about, ‘Now that I know better, I can do better!’

Self-care is also a big theme for this week, especially with regards to diet and exercise. What new, helpful habit can you introduce that will help you have more energy?

For the relationship: Care for your partner in practical ways. Show love through cooking and giving your lover a massage. Spend time together in the great outdoors. Singles will find it quite easy to attract someone new this week. However, they are not guaranteed to be the Right One.

You chose Alchemy Stone & Tarot card combination number 2

Furnace with the The Star is about moving from dreaming and wishing to planning and doing. There could be a temptation to just keep fantasising and if that is the case, you probably need to confront some fears you have, whether they be fears of failure or fears around the amount of responsibility potential success might bring.

Now is not the time to hesitate – Get to work! The Tarot just gave you that kick up the backside you need.

For the relationship: Do you want to actually find someone? Do something about it! Venus retrograde is no excuse to just sit at home and dream about Mr Right. For people who are already coupled, pay attention to if your thoughts are bringing closer together or further away from your beloved. A delicate growth process is underway where you need to be really careful what you wish for…

You chose Alchemy Stone & Tarot card combination number 3

Earth with 9 of Swords shows you finally getting on top of some of the things that were threatening to get on top of you and that were raising your anxiety levels. You find practical solutions to some of your problems and take some drastic measures to put things right.

Thing of one new habit you can do on a daily basis this week to help you feel/stay grounded. Avoid late night web surfing!

This combination is potentially about finding the right remedy for insomnia as well. There is one out there that will work for you.

For the relationship: You have been avoiding important discussions. This conflict avoidance made the relationship stall and caused confusion/anxiety. Now is the time to open up and share what’s been weighing you down Doing so will resolve any long-standing issues and help you feel much more secure. Not a great time to meet someone new for singles – Look after yourself instead!



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