Week Ahead Messages 2 – 8 April

Week Ahead Messages 2-8 April

“It’s so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it had never shone.”
–John Steinbeck

Happy Monday, my friends! I want to start by apologising for the late week ahead messages. I had fully intended to post on Friday but I had news of the sudden death of an old friend and there was no way around that. My friend was only 47, a beautiful soul and mother of one young girl aged 6 and an 18-year-old son. I had to spend time grieving, praying… and ultimately change direction with regards to a couple of important areas in my life. Some of this will unfold in the public eye and some is very personal to me. 

We’re at the tail end of the Easter Holidays today, so all of this happened with family around. More quiet time will be needed throughout this week now that we have the house back, to integrate what happened, grieve some more and make the necessary changes. Joy mingles with sorrow. This is life and it is important to honour all of it. The power of love can transform all that we surrender and I fully intend for it to be so.

Before scrolling down for the reveal of the week ahead messages, taka moment to ground and centre. Inhale deeply three times, exhaling any tension or worry. Trust and choose the number you feel most drawn to for your individual message.

General Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

The Dragon Goddess Tiamat is showing up with a message of power. Do not fear yours. If your power emanates from the heart, you will be a force for good in the world. You are so much stronger and more powerful than you think you are. Affirm to yourself that you are ancient, eternal and filled with the power of the All. Decide on one area in your life where this power can be applied so that you can level up for the Highest Good. Create a specific affirmation that will keep you moving ahead this week. BELIEVE.

Week Ahead Messages Reveal

You chose Alchemy Stone & Tarot card combination number 1

The Sun from the Alchemy Stones with the Ace of Cups from the Morgan Greer Tarot testify to a heart opening and powerful new beginnings in love. You are ready to step into the fulness of the power of love and become the loving, radiant being that you are. All that happened in the past… your story… all that has now been transformed into pure alchemical gold. You know beyond a shadow of doubt… and you know longer identify with your story. The truth of who you are is found in your heart, the eternal seat of love that moves with you from lifetime to lifetime. You blossom into existence from that place now. Profound healing has taken place. Give thanks and get to work!

Affirmation: I am love.

You chose Alchemy Stone & Tarot card combination number 2

Fire from the Alchemy stones and the 4 of Cups speak of a need to take action to shake yourself out of a state of apathy and lethargy. You have been allowing the world around you to inform you of reality to much too high a degree instead of getting busy putting your mark on the world. Try putting yourself in a light trance by literally shaking your muscles and allow the feelings of apathy to be sloughed off. Do this for a couple of minutes to one of your favourite tunes. Then, as the stillness sets in, you will know what you must do.

Affirmation: I shake myself awake.

You chose Alchemy Stone & Tarot card combination number 3

Creative energy and healing are abundantly available to you at this time with Rubedo and Temperance. A reunion with an ex or old friend is likely in the week ahead. You have a green light to go ahead with any creative projects or ventures. Relationships are set to be harmonious and you could find yourself starting a new business collaboration that will bring blessings to the world. Something from deep within in you is being conceived and waiting to be born/unleashed on the world… and this is something that could potentially bring healing to many so don’t hold back. Engage with your creation with all your heart. If you are looking to conceive, this is a good time. If not, use contraception!

Affirmation: I am in a blessed state of creative flow.

Love and Blessings,