Week Ahead Messages 22-28 October

Week Ahead Messages 22-28 October

Week Ahead Messages 22-28 October

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Happy Hump Day, my friends! I’m posting the week ahead messages for next week a couple of days early because I’m leaving for London and the UK Tarot Conference tomorrow… and I am PSYCHED! I finally get to meet and learn from the fabulous Benebell Wen. I’m also looking forward to hearing Rachel Pollack speak again – second time!

Today we are working with the Frideborg Tarot, the deck I created a few years ago with pictures from the public domain. I wanted a deck that was firmly grounded in real life, yet with each archetypal energy clearly present. The deck, though it did sell out quite quickly, came under criticism from some in the Tarot community (not to my face!) who thought it was rubbish. Apparently, they claimed I hadn’t really created any art and it was just a bunch of pictures thrown together.

So yeah, I used pictures in the public domain but I still had decide, not only which pictures had the perfect resonance with each archetype, but how to frame them and make sure that they fit with the esthetics for the deck as a whole. Anyone who has been through the process of creating their own deck knows how much work you have to do with the graphics, even when you have the artwork or photographs in front of you… so yeah, I’m really proud of this achievement, which involved learning how to do everything from scratch.

I suspect a lot of the people who were rubbishing my deck secretly wish they had come up with the idea themselves and beat me to it ūüėČ The no. 1 thing I take away from this experience (other than a real work horse of a Tarot deck) is the knowledge that you can never please everyone with your creations… and that’s OK. The no. 2 thing I take away from this experience is that the Frideborg Tarot deck is featured on Aeclectic with a pretty decent 3¬Ĺ stars. There are some smashing decks with that same ranking, so thank you very much!

It’s nearly Halloween and since many of the Halloween parties will be taking place next weekend, I decided to go with a Halloweeny theme for this week’s forecasts. It is a pretty good fit with the backs of the Frideborg Tarot too, don’t you think?!

You can choose a number or a pumpkin that you feel drawn to this week for your combined Tarot and Alchemy Stones week ahead message… Or you can use the random number generator¬†HERE¬†instead.

General Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

week ahead messages general guidance from spirit

We are in the third quarter waxing (gibbous) Moon phase until the Full Moon on Wednesday, 24 November. The Moon is Full in Taurus. This fixed Earth sign Moon is an excellent time to let go of anything that keeps us stuck and less than fully aligned with our true soul values.

Draw down the essence of Luna to manifest that which lights you up and brings you a sense of excitement about waking up every morning.

Look around you and decide what to clear out and give to charity in time for Samhain (third harvest), so that you can make room for new abundance to flow in.

Connect with your ancestors this week. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. You can create an altar with pictures and items belonging to your departed loved ones or you can simply light a remembrance candle as you send them your love.

The veil continues to grow ever thinner – If you find yourself restless, it is because you need to listen to messages from beyond. Make some time in your busy schedule for this… It will grow your soul like nothing else.

This is a week to go deeper, deeper, deeper… into the shadows and face that which we most fear so that we may be truly free.

Tarot & Alchemy Stone Week Ahead Messages Reveal

Week Ahead Messages 22-28 October Reveal

You chose Alchemy Stone & Tarot card combination number 1

Bellows with 9 of Cups is asking you to look at if you are truly happy about the direction you are heading now. If you keep going down this path, will you be excited about waking up every morning in five years from now?

Have you organised your progress and schedule to fit more with the expectations of others than with what lights you up? Are you being true to yourself?

This week, contemplate your progress so far and make two columns in your journal, titled ‘Joy’ and ‘Not so much’ and be brutally honest about where you are at. Looking at the ‘Not so much’ keywords will tell you what is not working. Instead of looking at this as a negative, look at it in terms of how these things are teaching you about what needs to change so that you can become true to yourself and live your best life.

Oh, and learn to laugh at yourself!

For the relationship: Try to have a bit more fun this week, whether you are coupled or single. A lighthearted approach will make it easier to see what you can do to grow closer or find the Right One for you.

You chose Alchemy Stone & Tarot card combination number 2

Peacock’s Tail¬†with 4 of Cups is a sign that you can clear any apathy or sense of hopelessness now. Any feelings that things will never be as good as they once were are lifted. It’s time to get excited about your life again and look around at all the many opportunities that are being offered to you.

Do whatever it takes to take yourself out of your current funk. Even small things, such as wearing brighter colours or getting your hair done can make a massive difference and get the ball rolling again.

Set the intent every morning as you wake up to invite more magic into your life. Start paying attention to synchronicity and you will soon see how beautifully the Universe supports your dreams and goals.

Stay focused on what you wish to manifest… Give it ALL your emotional juice this week. Anything else is either an illusion or a distraction. You have work to do and once you have done it, the world will be a bit more beautiful!

For the relationship:¬†Time to spice things up? Again, little things can make a big difference. One small surprise gift or a note stuffed in your beloved’s pocket… Or perhaps a new toy for the bedroom? You have what it takes to switch things up if you are stuck in a rut. Whether you are single or coupled, now is not a time to sulk and expect someone else to make the first move. You are the only one responsible for your happiness.

You chose Alchemy Stone & Tarot card combination number 3

Mercury¬†with 9 of Pentacles could bring clever solutions to long-standing financial problems, seemingly out of the blue. You could also come up with some pretty nifty ideas for holiday gifts that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Go forth and get those pressies sorted, if that is the case!

It’s a great week for financial transactions but you need to think long-term and not spend willy-nilly. Think quality rather than quantity. If you haven’t created a buffer for unforeseen eventualities, now would be a great time to do so with any spare cash.

It’s also a great week for work in general. You will feel that your work is rewarding and/or appreciated more fully by others. Ask for feedback and/or client/customer reviews that you can use to further promote your work.

For the relationship:¬†Communicate what you want and need on a material level. Make sure you don’t get stuck in a utilitarian mindset with your beloved though. Don’t kill the romance with money squabbles. Instead of blaming your partner, make sure you work together for a more secure future. For singles, this is a good week to show up and soak up the admiration of potential new love interests. You will look and feel your best and will easily be able to discern if someone is for you or not.



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