Week Ahead Messages 6-12 August

Week Ahead Messages 6-12 August

Week Ahead Messages 6-12 August

Happy Friday, my friends! Hope you are well and not finding the effects of last weekend’s eclipse too distressing. Today I’m going to dive straight into the Week Ahead Forecasts. We are working with the Thelema Tarot deck and the runes. 

To intuitively make your rune and Tarot card combo selection, I recommend taking a moment to relax first. Ground your energy be imagining roots going into the earth from the base of your spine or your feet. Breathe a few rounds to draw up energy from the earth and recharge. Centre this energy in your pelvic bowl (centre of gravity) – You may find it helpful to close your eyes and place your hands over your lower abdomen for a minute to feel completely centred and at peace. Open your eyes and allow them to be drawn to the right number for you above. Alternatively, you can allow a digital randomizer to make the selection for you.

General Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

Black from the Secret Language of Color Cards

Black from the Secret Language of Color Cards is definitely right on the money with the waning moon vibe for the last quarter Moon which is the phase we’ll be spending most of next week in. The New Moon is at 10:57 BST on Saturday 11 August.

Black is an inward-looking colour which doesn’t allow us to shy away from Shadow work is also highly resonant with the many retrogrades still with us in the week ahead. A total of six if we count the asteroid Chiron (Wounded Healer). If you are around 48-49, you might want to check if you’re having your Chiron Return now. Mine is exact at the moment of typing this! Chiron Rx in Aries means we all have to dig deep to find our self-worth, independently of how others value us or our services.

Black means a slowing down to go within. It means acceptance of the less exuberant aspects of life-death-rebirth. Black does NOT mean everything is gloom and doom – On the contrary! It is when we have the courage to accept life’s difficult lessons that we seriously start learning to tap into true joy. I’m not talking about the temporary happiness we get from entertainment but the joy that comes from wisdom that comes from experiencing life fully.

Tarot & Rune Week Ahead Messages Reveal

You chose Rune & Tarot card combination number 1

Isa reinforces the message of The Hanged Man for the week ahead. It also resonates very well with ‘Black’ above. The more you try to force change this week, the firmer the noose around your foot will grip. The Hanged Man and Isa both correspond with Neptune, ruler of Pisces. Take extra good care of your feet this week since Pisces rules the feet.

If you allow for stillness to set in and release your resistance to what may be perceived as blocked creative energy, you will find a solution begin rising to the surface of your consciousness as Isa melts and the Hanged Man gains a new perspective. Not much is happening on the surface but just like the ice that covers the surface of a lake, so the apparent lack of action in your life now acts as a shield for whatever wants to rise to the surface in your unconscious mind.

Whether you choose to resist or not, this process will not be entirely comfortable. Gaining a new perspective means a shattering of old beliefs and the concomitant pain of breaking what used to keep you ‘safe.’ However, you will soon realise that this old belief only provided an illusion of safety.

Spending time in meditation – especially by a body of water if at all possible – will ease the transition from one thought paradigm to another. Be still and know that this too shall pass (thaw)

For the relationship: Those of you who are coupled will find that you do not have much energy to invest in the relationship now. You may find yourself feeling isolated or even alienated as you wrestle with the darkness within. Don’t judge the relationship based on this since your judgement is most likely clouded. Not a good time to start anything new for singles.

You chose Rune & Tarot card combination number 2

Hagalaz emphasises the chaotic side of the creative process of The Empress. Disruption is unavoidable. Your ability to provide or receive care and nurturing is likely to be disrupted. A situation involving your mother/children may come to an abrupt end through force majeure.

Expect the unexpected in the week ahead.

For the relationship: Relationships are more likely to end (abruptly) than to start this week. If you still decide to schedule a first date this week, be prepared to gather material for a juicy story about ‘first date disasters.’ Eruptions of anger are a very real possibility in already existing relationships. Mars is the corresponding Planet for Hagalaz so THIS article may be helpful since Mars is still retrograde – If you picked this rune and Tarot card combo, you are likely to be hit quite hard by this retrograde in the week ahead. News of partners cheating could totally happen under this influence – especially during the eclipse at the weekend.

You chose Rune & Tarot card combination number 3

Thurisaz says take action with regards to your finances (Ace of Pentacles) so that you can have some kind of future financial stability. Thurisaz is not mincing words about things being tough (thorny even!) right now. But you can turn this around and create new beginnings for yourself.

Use the week ahead to examine thoughts about your worth and how you perhaps sometimes self-sabotage financially. Make one small investment for your future – no matter how small – to reverse the trend. Things can and will begin to turn around as soon as you set the intent and take action.

This is also a great week to start working out in order to combat stress and fatigue – especially if your stress is related to money matters.

For the relationship: Those of you who are coupled need to watch out for money-related quarrels. Placing blame on your partner is not helpful. Try to get them on board for turning things around instead so that you can begin working together. Not a great week for first dates for singles… However, you may meet someone with whom you have a strong physical connection. Do be careful even if you are happy with a ‘Mr Right Now’ though as this connection may turn out to be a destructive force in your life longer term.




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