Week Ahead Soul Alchemy Forecasts

Week Ahead Soul Alchemy Forecasts 4-10 Feb

Week Ahead Soul Alchemy Forecasts

Happy Friday, my friends! Hope you enjoyed the Full Moon Eclipse earlier this week. It’s still not too late to do the Tarot spread I created for this event. It’s time for our week ahead soul alchemy forecasts and this week I continue to work with the Alchemy Stones, together with the Pamela Coleman Smith RWS Tarot. For the general guidance from Spirit, I’m working with the Flower Spirit Cards. Taka moment to relax, ground and centre. Choose the number or alchemical symbol you feel drawn to. If you want, you can also allow a digital randomiser make the selection for you.

General Spirit Guidance

Camelia from the Flower Spirit Cards

Camelia from the Flower Spirit Cards brings us a message about unconditional love for the emotions we carry in our hearts. Have you been too hard on yourself lately? Are you constantly berating yourself for not doing better? Do you have a negative looping program that constantly puts you down or that starts laying into you when certain thoughts or feeling surface? It’s time to stop everything you are doing (yes, NOW!) and just sit with your heart for a while.

Place your hands over your heart if you like. Make yourself comfortable. Lie down so you can relax your arms. Go find those feelings that you have been trying to repress because they are not pleasant/acceptable and thank them for the truth they are trying to show you. Promise your heart that you will heed its wisdom from now on and stop beating yourself up for having certain feelings. Those feelings are vital sign posts. When they show up, you need to plot a new course, that is all. And any new leg of the journey that you start with love and optimism will surely be brighter than the one before… <3

Week Ahead Soul Alchemy Forecasts Reveal

You chose card and alchemy stone combination number 1

Here we have Peacock’s tail with Temperance, a Major Arcana card. Majors show up to signal a spiritual shift. In this case it is a shift to greater optimism and visionary ability. However Peacock’s tail warns you to be wary of illusion and delusion. It’s all well and good to have wind in your sails again but can you trust your navigation system? You can if you go within to attune yourself with messages from Spirit on a daily basis. You may need to readjust your course a few times before you go full steam ahead. Be patient with yourself in the process… and do stay optimistic! Your greater destiny is starting to unfold now and that is why you are more susceptible to the delusions of the separate self which doesn’t want you to evolve.

Power crystal: Clear quartz

You chose card and alchemy stone combination number 2

Quintessence with the 5 of Cups is telling you that the time of succumbing to passivity and emotional numbness due to grief/depression is up. At some point this week, you will need to turn away from the three spilled cups and take stock of the resources now available to you so that you can bring all of yourself forward to what awaits on the other side. Try engaging all your senses now in preparing for the next phase and you will gradually start feeling more positive about your prospects. If you are able to release limiting thoughts, your eyes will open to just how much you are supported on your journey.

Power crystal: Smokey quartz

You chose card and alchemy stone combination number 3

Philosophic Mercury (Moon Queen) combines with the Queen of Pentacles from the Tarot. The message is about cultivating creative intuition. The Queen of Pentacles is the caregiver queen so whatever you receive this week is meant to passed on for the benefits of those in need of care. Of course, this can also include you if you feel run down or burned out. Allow (make time and space for) grace and beauty to blossom in your life and reflect it out in the world like the Moon reflects the rays of the Sun.

Power crystal: Moonstone