Chinese New Year Week Ahead Soul Alchemy Forecasts

Week Ahead Soul Alchemy Forecasts Grimaud Marseille Tarot and Alchemy Stones

Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the year of the loyal and friendly Dog. Time for new beginnings with the New Moon in Aquarius and spring just around the corner. For the week ahead soul alchemy forecasts today, I feel drawn to work with the Major Arcana from the Grimaud Marseille Tarot, along with the Alchemy Stones and a card from the Mythic Oracle for general spirit guidance.

Aquarian Energy

The energy now is very much in the spirit of the Age of Aquarius. People are starting to wake up to the fact that unless we work together for the Highest Good, we might as well pack it in now. The Earth does not need the human race but we desperately need her and the current paradigm of greed has alienated us from our Mother as well as each other.

I have chosen Major Arcana cards only because this feels like an important week in terms of integrating the energy of the recent Aquarius New Moon. A new way of thinking and solving problems is becoming available to us – one that doesn’t cause more division but sets us on a path of unity; one that overrides our need to be in competition or seek to dominate each other. We are being called to listen to the voice of the Divine Mother, by whichever name we know and revere her.

Before we scroll down to see what guidance Spirit offers for us all in the week ahead, take a few moments to ground your energy into the Earth, using your breath. Feel your own natural connection with the Earth’s energy matrix – your roots connecting with hers. Feel the energy pulsating between you and Earth. Breathe in Earth’s energy and draw it up through the soles of your feet until it reaches the heart. Allow it to mingle with your own energy there and breathe out into your energy field/aura. Then look at the cards above and choose the number or alchemical symbol you feel drawn to for your individual message.

Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

Rhea Mythic Oracle

Rhea is the Mother of Zeus who saved her son from being devoured by Cronus, risking her own life doing so. She is here with a message of self-protection from harmful outside influences. The antidote lies in going within so that we can honour our own spirit self and begin aligning our choices accordingly. Before we can be truly useful in service to others we must have sound boundaries and the ability to act from a place of perfect integrity.

When we go out into the world to serve the Divine, we must do so ‘naked,’ i.e. without masks. This is difficult because it leaves us vulnerable to attack. Yet we are not left defenseless. Truth and integrity form their own invisible yet impenetrable shield… but that only happens when we walk in truth and integrity.

In the card’s image, I spy the New Moon, yet another sign of the importance of this most recent New Moon which is acting as a portal for Higher Consciousness and the call to act for unity, protecting the most vulnerable among us… but first we must learn to protect ourselves.

Week Ahead Soul Alchemy Forecasts Reveal

Week Ahead Soul Alchemy Forecasts Grimaud Marseille Tarot and Alchemy Stones Reveal

You chose card and alchemy stone combination number 1

Strong Martian energy abounds for you in the week ahead with alchemical Mars and The Tower card also corresponding with Mars. You’d almost think I’d matched these two up on purpose but they are both random draws. Your energy levels are likely to rise this week but your ability to channel the energy and avoid accidents may lag behind. Take all necessary precautions if you have to travel. Put off any bungee jumping excursions and put away all sharp objects.

Anger issues are likely to come up for you this week. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling the way you do. If you feel anger and even rage, that’s a sign that you are healthy and alive. Find a physical outlet for these emotions. Now might be a good time to take up kick boxing or running. You will need to find a way of calming yourself down before you can do anything constructive with all this energy.

What will be most constructive for you to do this week is to liberate yourself from limiting influences. You do not need to stay in relationships that bring you down. You do not need to suffer the abuse of manipulative frenemies, media or people who seek to control you from the outside. Enough is enough. Sometimes we have to get really angry to find the courage to walk away.

Watch out for hormonal imbalances with this double whammy of Martian testosterone. If you are female and putting on weight around the middle, it could be a sign of too much stress. Channel the feelings of stress into a big fat ‘F*ck it, I’m out of here!’ and say goodbye to the source of that stress forever.

You chose card and alchemy stone combination number 2

Mercury from the Alchemy Stones together with The Lovers is another combination that could make you think I’ve handpicked the card to match the alchemy stone. Here we have Mercury, ruler of Gemini paired up with the Gemini energy Tarot card.

Things are changing quickly for you this week. Luckily, your mind is sharp so you should be able to adapt on the fly.

Trust any new any new ideas you have now as they are likely to be divinely inspired. Follow your curiousity and research your new ideas to find the best and most useful ways to implement them for the Highest Good.

Discernment is key as some of the choices you will face are not straightforward. Any time you have to choose between vice and virtue, make sure to make the most virtuous possible choice because this choice will quickly lead to another and before the week is up a whole chain of new events will have unfolded.

Choose your thoughts and words carefully. Wherever your focus your mental energy this week, things will progress rapidly.

You chose card and alchemy stone combination number 3

Strength from the Tarot together with Nigredo from the Alchemy Stones brings a message of hope. You may feel crushed for a great number of reasons but whatever the cause of your suffering seems to be, the real cause is the Divine calling you home. The pain you suffer now serves to make you stronger, more refined and better aligned with your true purpose in life.

You are either right in the midst of your Dark Night of the Soul or you are coming toward the end of it. Either way, please don’t worry – This too shall pass! What is broken down now will nurture something new and miraculous. You are giving birth to your True Self but first the old, tired False Self has to die completely.

The things that used to matter and that cheered you up in the past may have lost their appeal. You have yet to find other ways to lift your spirit. In this void there is stark beauty. In this void is where the eyes of our hearts are opened and we begin to weep for joy at the Divine Grace that is available for us once we are no longer blind to it.

But first we must endure the void like the seed endures the weight of the dark soil before it bursts forth into the sun light. Know that though you may feel alone now, you are lovingly watched over.