Week Ahead Tarot Reading 18-24 December

Week Ahead Tarot 18-24 December

Week Ahead Tarot 18-24 December

This week has whizzed past and I missed the last postal date for Europe by one day due to being very busy, so fingers crossed my Christmas pressies for Sweden arrive on time. Since we are all busy (like Santa’s elves, am I right?), I’m not going to dawdle… For the week ahead Tarot messages for 18-24 December, I’m working with the Everyday Witch Tarot and the Dragonfae Oracle.

Before you scroll down to the reveal, take a minute to relax, centre and make your selection from among the three Tarot cards above. If you prefer, you can let a digital randomiser choose for you. The principle of synchronicity is at play either way, the help you get the most helpful message for the week ahead.

General Guidance for the Week Ahead

Oracle of the Dragonfae Grandmother Magicks

Grandmother Magicks from the Oracle of the Dragonfae is a sign of a more gentle phase of your life approaching. One where you attract more support and friendship into your life. This accompanies a greater level of maturity and self-acceptance in yourself, as well as a sense of belong where before there may not have been one.

Some of you reading this well also find a new level of acceptance for the process of aging. Growing older can definitely mean growing in grace and beauty. Time to discard media’s ageist thinking! Now is a great time for tuning into the cyclic process in the body – not only women have them!

Socially, this is a wonderful time to meeting with friends and family. Remember, it’s OK to turn down invitations to places where you don’t feel welcome and if you feel the invitation isn’t coming from the heart!

It’s also a wonderful time for giving. It can be a gift of listening or teaching someone a new skill. Money doesn’t have to change hands. Your time is the most valuable asset you have and your presence is much needed in the world.

Week Ahead Tarot 18-24 December

Week Ahead Tarot 18-24 December Every Day Witch Tarot Pick a Card Reveal

You chose card number 1

The 9 of Swords indicates the kind of mental stress that could easily keep you up at night if you don’t deal with it in constructive ways. With the Mars in Gemini energy that comes with this energy, the most constructive way is probably through talking to a close friend or family member about your worries. You may not wish to burden anyone by telling them about what is troubling you. Giving the gift of trust to someone and allowing them to help through listening can be as beneficial and rewarding to them as it will be to you. This is of course true of prayer too. Other ways of dealing with troublesome thoughts includes writing them down. The important thing is to get them out of their head where they play hide and seek in the darkest corners of your mind. Once they are pulled out from there, you will quickly realise that you have blown your worries out of all proportion and quite likely focused on things that don’t really matter in the bigger scheme of things – at least not in the way you think they do. If your worries are about money, try shifting your focus to seeing that true wealth lies in having healthy relationships.

You chose card number 2

The Chariot shows travel on a more mundane level, as well as concerns about a vehicle. On an emotional/spiritual plane this card is about keeping it together and moving in the direction of your dreams. You may inclined to not show how you really feel deep down because of focusing so hard on what it is you are trying to manifest now. Don’t forget that letting others in can be helpful and that trying to be in total control of every aspect of the journey can make you so rigid that you miss your mark. Some of you reading this will also experience a victory or some kind of official acknowledgement for a job well done. If you do get praise, don’t forget to thank all those who helped get you there!

You chose card number 3

The 3 of Swords shows the kind of heartache that we experience in a break-up or through some kind of loss. This is not the happiest of cards to get for your week ahead reading. Please understand that it doesn’t necessarily mean that your own heart will break but it does mean that you will have to deal with the pain of loss or grief in one form or another. It could mean that you are called to comfort a friend or loved one who is going through a tough time. Whether this card is for some sorrow of yours or that of another, the main thing to be aware of is that we have to acknowledge emotions before they can heal. Putting a brave face on it just because it is the Holiday Season is not the way forward. Find someone whose shoulder you can cry on instead… or be that shoulder for someone else.

The main theme for everyone this week is to remember that we are all connected. Through our many bloodlines, ultimately we are all related. We all live on this tiny blue pearl, hurtling through the Universe at breakneck speed. We have each other. And that is always going to be our greatest treasure.