free week ahead angel and tarot forecast pick a card

Week Ahead Tarot and Angel Forecast

free week ahead angel and tarot forecast pick a card

Happy Friday, my lovelies! It’s the day after the UK General Election and we have a hung parliament. It is my feeling that a lot of people are waking up from their slumber and realising that the only thing that is certain is change. This theme also resonates very well with today’s powerful Full Moon. As of today, many things are changing both collectively and globally… There is no going back to the old ways. 

It stands to reason that the need for spiritual guidance is greater than ever. Things will continue to be in a state of flux for a while but that doesn’t mean we can’t begin to gain clarity about our own role in what is happening now and how we can best focus our efforts to be in divine service to mankind at this point in time.

For personal guidance, choose one of the numbers above. If you are not sure which number is calling to you, you can let a randomiser do the job for you – synchronicity will still be at work, as you will discover for yourself as you digest the message Spirit has intended for you.

Before you scroll down to the reveal part of the post, I also want to share a message from the angels for this Full Moon. This message is relevant for all of us:

Whatever intent you set, co-operation is the key to success. Archangel Zadkiel (aka Sachiel) is the ruler of Jupiter and Sagittarius, corresponding Zodiac Sign for the Temperance Tarot card. This draw signifies that the floodgates of abundance are opening now, provided we heed the guidance. Blessed Be!

Temperance Balance from the Angel Tarot Cards Archangel Zadkiel Sagittarius Full Moon Message

Interesting, with abundance being one of the Earth Element keywords, all three messages come with a card each from the Earth suit – how is that for synchronicity and our angels really wanting to drive the message home that NOW is the time to get out of our heads and busy manifesting! And let’s be very clear… Abundance is about so much more than money. Abundance is support in any form that we can give or receive it. We are all supported by an infinitely abundant Cosmos… It’s time to start acting as if this is our reality!

pick a card free reading friday angel tarot and oracle forecast reveal

You chose number 1 – Four of Earth and Heart Chakra. Your angels are asking you to share your gifts and talents with the world freely now, without worrying about financial gain. Simply do more of what you love, sprinkling that shit around like it’s gold dust… It is giving that will open up the floodgates of abundance for you. Affirm to yourself that you give gladly from your own infinite supply of abundance and trust in the Universe supporting you as you do so. Walls between yourself and others that you have put in place to feel safe are coming down now. That doesn’t mean that you compromise your personal boundaries and you will soon see that you don’t need walls of fear to have healthy boundaries with others.

Number 2 was calling to you – Page of Earth and Singing & Dancing. Learning a new artistic skill from a teacher who is able to inspire you to move outside your comfort zone will help bring abundance for you, as well as create valuable connections with people around you. As you touch people’s lives with your creativity, you will start opening doors to supporting yourself and your loved ones in a way that is truly enjoyable. As a bonus, you will also find that your psychic powers begin to blossom. Put yourself in a state of creative flow as often as possible this week. Schedule time to make it happen since making it a priority will accelerate your personal growth and help you do what you came here to do in this lifetime.

You have chosen card number 3 – Six of Earth and If You Get Nervous, Focus on Service. Put your financial worries to rest. Stop doubting that you won’t be able to afford to heed your spiritual calling. Start doing what you can… Dig where you stand and start looking out for the signs and synchronicities that will help you move further along the path of Divine Service. Start small. It doesn’t matter how small the act of service is, if it is done with a glad heart, it brings more of the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. A new career opportunity is waiting just around the corner. These are exciting times. If you have been struggling to clear a debt, look out for a resolution that will make it possible to clear that debt this week.

So much love!