Mother Mary Oracle - Week Ahead Tarot Forecast

Week Ahead Tarot and Oracle Forecast

Mother Mary Oracle - Week Ahead Tarot Forecast

Welcome to the forecast for the week of 20-26 February. This week, I felt drawn to work with the Mother Mary Oracle for the spiritual theme/lesson for the week ahead. Not only do I find the artwork for this deck beautiful and inspiring, the messages in the companion book by Alana Fairchild are always spot on. The Mother Mary Oracle is a gentle yet powerful deck that will help empower the Seeker on their quest to owning their spiritual gifts and being of service in the world. I also have non-Christian friends who like to work with this non-denominational, non-religious deck.

The message from the Blessed Mother for the week ahead is one of awakening to our heart’s vision of how we can be of service in the world. Are you shrinking your vision to suit what you perceive to be your limitations? Now is the time to release any limiting thoughts about yourself and realise that you can do anything through divine grace that you are guided to do.

Now is the time to re-visit that budding aspiration you have of organising an event or workshop, or to start studies that will lead to a more heart-centred career. The vision you have been holding in your mind’s eye of your reality and talents simply doesn’t reflect the reality of infinite grace, nor does it fit with what you are actually here to do. You are capable of so much more when you don’t allow yourself to be limited by fear.

Ask Mother Mary to awaken your inner vision this week. Ask Her to open the eyes of your heart so that you can begin to see the world around you with eyes of compassion, the way She sees us all. Ask her to hold you safely in Her arms, as you begin reaching out to those around in the way you have been divinely guided to, with your unique gifts.

Day by day Tarot guidance for the week ahead

Monday: The Wheel of Fortune – Move in the direction of where your energy expands. Challenge: Avoid going overboard. Blessing: The ability to stay centred while expanding.

Tuesday: King of Pentacles – You are a good steward. Challenge: Don’t get too persnickety! Blessing: Being a good provider and steward of resources.

Wednesday: The Moon – Do dreamwork. Challenge: Avoid delusion and wearing rose-tinted glasses. Blessings: You no longer fear fear.

Thursday: Judgement – Make one choice to better align with your life purpose. Challenge: An important, life-changing choice must be made. Blessing: You now have a chance to align fully with your calling.

Friday: 2 of Wands – Consider a collaboration. Challenge: Someone could be rubbing you the wrong way or trying to dominate you. Blessing: A strong, inspiring partnership with someone who is quite different to you.

Saturday: 5 of Wands – Stop comparing yourself to others. Challenge: Tough competition. Blessing: Great sparring partners help you achieve more and you stop comparing yourself to others.

Sunday: The Devil – Unchain yourself from mental slavery. Challenge: Taking the easy way out and shutting out the voice of your Higher Self. Blessing: Toughening up and resisting temptation.


Love and Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg