Pick a card Gilded Tarot Week Ahead Messages

Friday Week Ahead Tarot Messages

Pick a Card Week Ahead Tarot Messages

Happy Friday, my friends! How magickal has this week been?! We’ve had Samhain/Beltane and the Full Moon in Taurus is yet to happen over the weekend… Jupiter in Scorpio is doing its thing and one dirty deed after another is getting uncovered. The biggest shock for me was probably the allegations thrown at Kevin Spacey, one of my all-time favourite actors. Then we have all the Westminster perving scandals. Men with power using that power to manipulate and sexually harass females. #metoo is all have to say to that… and thank Goddess we finally all agree it’s not OK! Oh, and Mr Fallon – It wasn’t OK ’10, 15 years ago’ either!

It’s time to start thinking about which card to choose for the week ahead. Look at the picture at the top of the post. Relax, take a few deep breaths to ground and centre before making your selection. If you prefer to rely on outside influences for your selection (it’s all synchronistically arranged either way), you can hop on over to random.org.

General Week Ahead Message from the Dragonfae

Wu-Wang Oracle of the Dragonfae General Week Ahead Message from Spirit

This is a great week for returning to a more simple, innocent and playful way of living. Look at any areas where you have overcomplicated things and ask the Dragon Mother to help you make them simple again. Forgive yourself and anyone who has wronged you. You are pure of heart and you can always return to this pure state. The beautiful Ho’oponopono prayer is a useful tool for this:

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

These words have the power to return your peace of mind and your heart-centred connection with all living beings.

Make a play date with a friend – human or animal – and get back to being fully in the now through laughter and playing. There, in playtime, there is no tomorrow; The sorrows of the past are just a memory. Children effortlessly stay centred in this eternal now. It is safe for you to return to this state as often as you like…

Week Ahead Tarot Messages Reveal

Card number 1

You chose the 2 of Pentacles. Something you started last week is carrying over into this week and building momentum. You may be called on to make some important choices on the fly. Work-life balance might suffer. Try to carve out some non-negotiable me-time in your busy schedule. Everybody wins if you look after yourself. Important messages are likely to arrive through the post/email. This is a good week for work and career expansion, as well as for making any expensive purchases you have been putting off. You may well find that you work pretty much non-stop this week and arrive at the weekend feeling quite exhausted. Thankfully, it won’t be without having gotten a LOT done!

Card number 2

You chose The Star. This Major Arcana card puts the highlight on friendships and large groups of people. Humanitarian causes are also in focus. This Aquarius energy card could mean that you struggle with being emotionally present with your loved ones. Check yourself for a tendency to come across as aloof. Your connection with the forces of your destiny is strong this week – It’s a great time for co-creating your wishes and moving toward your goals and dreams.  Dream big and count yourself blessed because the Universe colludes to make your dreams come true! It’s also a good time for arranging a get-together with kindred spirits.

Card number 3

You chose the 9 of Swords. This is a card of overpowering mental energy and buzzing thoughts. This energy could easily keep you up at night if you don’t look after yourself. It’s important to turn off any screens a couple of hours (at the very least) before going to bed. Avoid late-night sugary snacks and caffeine if you know these will deprive you of sleep. Try to spend more time grounding your energy in the great outdoors. If your mind is still whirring with worries about the future or past regrets, make sure you talk to a friend or therapist about it. You’ll see that what seems truly awful when kept inside your head, isn’t half as bad once you speak it to a sympathetic listening ear…


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Full Moon Blessings )O(