Tarot Messages for the Week Ahead Pick a Card

Week Ahead Tarot Messages

Tarot Messages for the Week Ahead Pick a Card

Happy Saturday, my friends! Hope you’re enjoying a nice and relaxed weekend. Or, if you have to work, that you don’t mind too terribly. For this week’s Tarot messages, I’m working with the Vice Versa Tarot. There are no card backs on this 156-card deck which has the ‘versa’ images on the reverse, so I’ve put some plain black backs in the image above. 

As usual, you need to make your selection before you scroll down to the reveal. The message below from the Dragonfae applies to all of us for next week. We have a Super Full Moon tomorrow and Mercury goes retrograde on the same day, so this is no ordinary week you are choosing a card for.

Message from the Dragonfae

Message from the Oracle of the Dragonfae

The Guardians from the Oracle of the Dragonfae means we are under scrutiny but not necessarily in a bad way. We may receive rewards and recognition from afar for work we have done. We may be called to travel to far-flung places where our services are needed. These journeys may be astral rather than physical and some of the work we are doing now will happen in dreamtime. Know that you are safe and protected wherever you are called to go now.

Work actively with the Element of Air this week. Communication is in focus. Choose your words carefully. Slow down if need be. THINK before you speak.

Vice Versa Tarot Messages for the Week Ahead

You chose card number 1

The 8 of Wands puts communication in focus for you this week. Expect important messages to come your way. Take your time to respond. The risk of miscommunication and messages going missing is greater than average over the next few weeks while Mercury it’s doing its backward dance through the sky. There is no need to step on the brakes completely though. Any business venture that you have moving forward should go ahead as planned.

You chose card number 2

The ‘versa’ King of Wands shows an inner focus for the Saggie King. This energy could see you questioning some long-held beliefs and values. Don’t fear the process of transformation. Go deep within and use the next few weeks wisely in terms of discarding any beliefs that no longer serve you and your mission. Your vision is being refined. Be OK with not having absolute clarity for now.

You chose card number 3

The 9 of Cups could see you rethinking what gives you pleasure and decide to exchange temporary pleasures for true and lasting joy. Something you have hoped for may come true this week. Consider how you can take a role in making wishes come true for those you love. Giving often brings us more true joy than receiving and we are in the season of gift giving. Will you bring some festive cheer to someone who has nothing?


Love and Blessings