free week ahead angelic tarot and oracle card reading pick a card

What to Release – Free Week Ahead Angelic Tarot Forecast

free week ahead angelic tarot and oracle card reading pick a card

Hello beautiful souls, it’s the week leading up the wonderfully healing New Moon in Cancer. Now is a good time to consider what we would do well to release. What have we been holding on to that is not helping us move forward? Which erroneous thoughts are continuing to throw spanners in the works? 

As much as we would like to be able to release all negativity and be done with it, life doesn’t work like that. We are continuously and cyclically called to keep releasing stuff that no longer serves us and the best time for it is always going to be in the days before the New Moon.

To help with focus for what each of us need to release now, I am working with a new deck called ‘The Power of Surrender Cards‘ (Amazon UK link) by Judith Orloff in combination with the Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine Angel Tarot Cards (Amazon UK link) which you may have seen me use on multiple occasions.

How to Make Your Selection

As usual, you have the option of either choosing intuitively, in which case I suggest you take a moment to ground, centre and align with your Inner Teacher before you make your selection… OR you can hop on over to and have the Universe choose for you. Basically, it amounts to the same thing because the principle of synchronicity is at work in both instances.

As a filler (to keep you from sneaking a peek) this week, I allowed the digital randomiser linked to above to choose a page number and then a number on that page, for an image that has a message from Spirit for all of us…


The outpouring of compassion evoked by enormous tragedy in the past week is a sweet perfume that is spreading on Earth to open hearts to love, and rising up to Heaven to comfort those whose lives were cut short. The angels sing with joy to see this expression of divine love as the main response in the face of recent traumatic events. May you have your heart cracked wide open to make room for Heaven on Earth… but without the suffering and loss of lives in the future. May the sweet scent of your love overpower all tragedy, suffering, fighting and social injustice.


free week ahead angelic tarot and oracle card reading pick a card reveal

You chose card combo number 1 (Surrender to the Wisdom of Your Body + 15 Ego): Your ego has been telling you it’s not safe to trust your body and this is a very old pattern which has resulted in you overriding important messages about rest, movement and nutrition for a long time – perhaps most of your life. Releasing this negative inner voice that tells you to for instance overindulge to numb emotional pain, or to keep working all hours of the night instead of getting proper sleep, will bring not just change but a paradigm shift for you. You will literally rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Spend some time listening to your body this week and start each day with some gentle stretches to your favourite music. Tell your body that from now on you will listen to its wisdom and act on it. Keep a journal about the messages that are coming through.

Card combo number 2 was calling you (Surrender Your Belief in Scarcity + 9 of Cups): Sweet, precious creative soul! It is safe for you to start doing more of what makes your heart sing. Abandon the belief that money can only come to you if what you do feels like hard work. Cast your fears aside! At least one of your dreams could come true in the week ahead if you trust that your creative nudges are indeed guided by Source and act on this inner guidance. The world needs more of what lights you up. Joy is your True North and you deserve to be supported by the Universe on this journey of following your calling.

Your message is found in card combo number 3 (Surrender to Spirit + King of Cups): Your main lesson in the week ahead involves other people and someone who could be a bit of a drama llama (yes, that could even be you!). If you do what you can in terms of acting out of the kindness of your heart, you need to surrender the rest to God/Source/The Universe. Also, the King of Cups can struggle with personal boundaries at times so please mind those and the Powers That Be will do the rest. You could feel as if someone owes you something because of how generous you have been with them in the past. Please know that giving with those kind of strings attached only causes sorrow for the Giver and ask Archangel Michael to cut them for you now.


So much love!

Lisa Frideborg