Year of the Fire Rooster Tarotscopes

I’m not a Chinese Astrologer and though I was born in the Year of the Wood Rooster myself, I don’t really know that much about Roosters other than the fact that we can be right arrogant twats (true), so for more info what is in store for everyone this year, I point you in THIS DIRECTION.

However, I thought it might be fun to pull a few cards for each of the Zodiac signs about what we need to be mindful of in this, the Year of the Fire Rooster, which technically doesn’t start until 6 minutes past midnight, Saturday 28 January here in the UK.

Happy Chinese New Year and enjoy the Tarotscopes!

(As usual, make sure you read your Moon sign and Rising sign Tarotscopes, in addition to the Sun sign.)


Lisa Frideborg

Aries – Knight of Swords + 5 of Wands + The Devil

You’re on an winning streak when it comes to coming up with great ideas. A great year for humanitarian pursuits and being at the helm of large groups of people. Don’t doubt your creative potential but also don’t be blinded by arrogance. Remember that it is more important to be kind that to be right. Break free from the past. You have a great chance of starting a completely new chapter this year!

Taurus – Strength + 7 of Cups + Knight of Swords

Through moral fortitude and by asking the right questions, you can clear some of the confusion caused by past mistakes. Great spiritual growth is possible this year. Don’t be afraid of exploring new ways of thinking. Connect with people that are different to you to broaden your horizons and find new solutions to old problems. Avoid recreational drugs and alcohol to stay a clear channel for God’s compassion and wisdom.

Gemini – 9 of Cups + Page of Swords + The Hermit

This looks like a happy year for you, especially if you are already involved in a typically Gemini line of work, such as investigative journalism, radio show hosting or professional blogging. You may find that you need more alone-time than usual though, to catch up with your own thoughts, dig a bit deeper and sort out your priorities.

Cancer – 5 of Pentacles + 6 of Swords + Page of Pentacles

Friendships will get you through times. Also, keep a journal! Writing will be excellent for creating detachment and a more objective understanding of what is happening both within and around you. This is a great year for pursuing a new area of study. It is, perhaps, more a year of laying foundations than achieving the desired end goal but great progress can definitely be made!

Leo – Queen of Cups + Page of Wands + Knight of Wands

Your appetite for adventure (including romantic adventures) is massive this year. Other people play a big role in your life. Just make sure you don’t end up in situations that entail emotional manipulation. Your health and vitality levels look excellent and there will be no mistaking the power of the majestic feline you represent to people around you. Swag!

Virgo – 8 of Swords + King of Swords + 4 of Cups

You could find that often put yourself in a state of analysis paralysis in the year ahead. Does it really matter if you make a mistake or someone disapproves of something you do or how you do it? When you feel that your left brain goes into overdrive, take an ‘imagination break’ and allow yourself to daydream – Allow yourself to ‘think 6 impossible things before breakfast.’ Your mind *is* brilliant. Trust yourself more and stop taking everything so seriously!

Libra – 9 of Cups + The Sun + King of Wands

Major spiritual breakthroughs will happen for you this year. Where you used to hesitate and doubt yourself, you now begin to feel truly comfortable in your own skin. The hard work you have done to grow and develop can now begin inspiring others. Teach, lead groups of people – Share your vision with the world!

Scorpio – The Sun + Justice + Ace of Cups

A wonderful year for new beginnings in love, whether with your current partner or someone new. You feel happy, healthy and quite happy to own your personal power. The main challenge is to be fair and to listen with empathy, making the needs of your partner equal with your own – if you can do this, you can have everything you dreamed of romantically speaking this year.

Sagittarius – 5 of Pentacles + 7 of Wands + The Hierophant

Setbacks in the previous year must not be allowed to keep you down or hold you back. Remember that innate optimism of yours…? Raise your bow and pull that arrow back. If things didn’t work in the past, it’s because you aimed at the wrong target – that is all. This year, you are set to learn some major spiritual lessons. Hope, faith and love carry you through. Ancient wisdom in the form of spiritual classics will make good soul food on the journey.

Capricorn – Queen of Pentacles + 4 of Swords + Queen of Cups

A great year to grow your friendship circle. Overcome the challenge that is the inertia of having isolated yourself for too long. Your best ideas will come to you through playing, fantasising and hanging out with friends. Stop trying so hard and open up to receive more. You love being the giver and the one always doing for others because it gives you the moral high ground. The truth is that this year, you will need to delegate more to recharge your vitality levels, so give the gift of giving to someone else!

Aquarius – King of Pentacles + 10 of Cups + 2 of Wands

You may feel a bit ‘hemmed in’ this year, because of your obligations and contractual responsibilities. Not normally one to worry too much about practical matters, you will be called on to master at least one or two of them this year. Family life might be challenging, as may close personal relationships in general if you don’t remember to tune into the empathy channel before the ‘I’m always right’ channel. A great year for going into a business partnership, as long as you plan well, of course!

Pisces – 4 of Cups + Ace of Swords + Knight of Cups

Oh my, your dreamtime is so active in the year ahead. You really must make an effort to remember as many as possible of your dreams, as divinely inspired ideas are seeking to come through this way! Many of these ideas can be channelled into artistic pursuits which will be for the Highest good! You have every chance to be a true inspiration if you don’t let day-to-day living get you down. Don’t be escapist, engage on your terms and show the world how beautiful it can be! Trust me, they will thank you for it!