3 Holistic Detox Healers for Going Sober

time to stop drinking

Time to stop drinking?

Are you within the daily recommend limits for your alcohol intake? For women it is one large (250 ml) glass of wine per day. The problem is that one modern large glass takes almost half a bottle. Drinking one bottle per day for a whole year will lead to cirrhosis of the liver… and it is no secret that less temperate consumption of alcohol ages you (inside and out), disturbs your sleeping pattern, makes you anxious/depressed and messes with your immune system (increased cancer risk etc).

Drinking more than the recommend daily amount is something many of us are guilty of during the holiday season and that is why so many of us feel that enough is enough this time of year. For anyone wanting to lose weight, giving up alcohol is a great way of speeding up the effects of dietary changes and exercise.  You will quickly notice your energy levels soar once you replace alcohol with juices, water and herbal teas.

Whether you are going sober for life or just doing ‘Dry January,’ you can give your body the healing boost it needs by using the three healers mentioned below.


* Amethyst – This is the detox crystal and also great for breaking addictions.  Amethyst is a self-cleansing crystal that continuously transmutes negative energy in your energy field and in the environment.

  1. Carry it with you to stay sober at parties and to raise your vibration so that you can just say ‘No thanks’  with a smile when offered a drink.
  2. Place it on your bedside table at night for improved, restorative sleep.
  3. Meditate with it any time you feel a craving come on: take a few deep breaths and visualise the purple colour of the amethyst filling your aura until it is completely cleansed. Breathe in purple, breathe out toxic waste. The toxic energy you breathe out will be instantly transformed into calm and peaceful energy by your amethyst.



* Nettle tea – Herbal tea made from stinging nettle is the best option to help your liver recover and to remove toxins from your body. Take it an hour or two before you exercise and it will have a compound effect as the nettle tea will help you sweat the toxins out.

Make sure you buy organic nettle tea. If you make your own from foraged nettle plants, make sure you gather the plants away from main roads and fields that are sprayed with pesticides.


milk thistle


* Milk thistle extract – Milk thistle is the best herb for liver detox and liver detox is exactly what you need after overindulging in alcohol! The liver is the most important detox organ in the body. In Chinese medicine they say that the eyes are the windows of the liver. Are the whites of your eyes shining brightly or do they have a yellowish tinge? The latter is a sign of a liver that is not functioning properly.

The wonderful thing about the liver is that it can regenerate itself and even grow back bits that have been cut off. Milk thistle supports the regeneration process while detoxing.

As an added bonus, introducing milk thistle for liver support may also speed up any desired weight loss as it increases fat metabolism in the liver. Again, make sure you buy an organic extract/elixir or capsules.

Other things you can do to facilitate your detox is to stay hydrated. Start every day by drinking a large glass of warm lemon water. Use filtered tap water or spring water. Bring the water to the boil and pour half a glass. Top up with cold filtered water or spring water and squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the glass. Make sure to drink 2 liters of water daily.

Dry brushing daily before your morning shower will help your skin breathe better and speeds up the detox process further.


~ Lisa