tarot is a mirror for the soul and a tool to help you embody your spirit

3 Simple Ways to Embody Your Spirit with the Tarot

tarot is a mirror for the soul and a tool to help you embody your spirit

The Tarot is a divinatory tool that many connect with the often fear-fuelled practice of having your fortunes told, as if the future is something we must passively wait to have delivered to us. The truth is that the Tarot is by far the most excellent divinatory tool you could ever hope to find in terms of magically co-creating your Divine Destiny. It’s simply a matter of perspective:

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To be ready to embrace your Divine Destiny, you must first fully embody your Spirit and this is exactly what the Tarot can help you do. So what does it mean to embody your Spirit? It means to create space for the Spirit to be enthroned in your heart. You must let go of the ego fears and thought construct that crowd your spirit out. You must learn to quieten down the chatter of the monkey mind and do the ‘heart drop.’ Your Spirit lives in your heart already of course but it may not be fully in your body yet.

I have a little story to share about embodying the spirit through Sound Therapy that I want to share because it is how I first became aware of just how much of my own energy was outside the body…

This happened shortly after my 40th birthday. I was struggling financially but had opened up to receive a trip to Glastonbury to celebrate my birthday. I felt on a very deep soul level that I needed this trip as a pilgrimage, so I trusted that if it was indeed for my highest good, it would happen. Not long after I set this intent, a Facebook acquaintance whom I never met in real life said he could tell I needed a holiday, asked for my address and sent me a cheque of £500 to cover the cost of travel and hotel – no strings. I gratefully received and booked a 3-day stay in Glastonbury at a small bed and breakfast.

Before I arrived in Glastonbury, I had looked up a sound healer online as I felt called to try this form of healing. I knew instinctively how powerful sound can be because I still hold memories of the sound of the spheres from the out-of-body experience I had at age 6. I was very excited to meet the sound healer!

Before we started the session, she held a mirror to my face and asked me to look into my own eyes. Then she started working on my chakras with sound and had me chanting along with her. For this first part of the healing session we were both standing up. For the second part of the healing session she used crystal bowls while I was resting on a massage couch. It felt absolutely amazing… but the part I will never forget was when she held up the mirror again and asked me to look myself in the eye again… I was back! There was the most brilliant light shining out from my eyes… the light of my spirit! Even remembering this I’m welling up a bit.

People talk a lot about the need to raise your vibration…

What you have to understand is that…

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You are divine! The light of your spirit is needed in the world. Nobody wins if you allow fear to crowd it out.

Your spirit is the pure essence of you. It’s the part of you that has accumulated a soul through countless incarnations. Your soul is the eternal personality of your divine spirit essence. It is the sum of all the wisdom you have gained from lifetime to lifetime. Your soul is the vehicle for your divine light, just as the body is the vehicle of your soul.

So… Let’s look at some groovy ways of using the Tarot to help with the process of embodying your spirit…

Use your body. For your daily draw, ask the Tarot what your spirit needs to thrive. If it is a card holding a dark or difficult energy in the imagery, it is a sign that you need to clear some fear from your life. Pay attention to your reaction to the card, it’s the emotional reaction that determines if the card is ‘difficult’ for you or not.

Where in the body is this reaction taking place? Visit this place with your mind’s eye and beam some loving light into it to show that you accept the emotion completely.

Use the card to clear the difficult energy means by sitting with the card in full acceptance of any feelings involved until you are ready to release them to the Light. Scan the area once you feel you are done. Don’t hesitate to ask God and the angels for help if you are struggling.

If it is a card that on a glance feels like ‘soul food’ and has an uplifting quality, simply place the card on your body where you feel it belongs to absorb this energy into your being.

Use your words. Again, after asking the Tarot what your spirit needs to thrive, choose a card face down. Create an affirmation based on the card message and what you intuit to be the connection for what is happening in your life. An affirmation needs to be about the now (not some point in the future) and stated in positive terms so that you raise your mind up to the level of your indomitable spirit.

A good way of strengthening the affirmation is to charge a glass of water with your words by speaking them out loud three times while holding your hands over the water. Drink the water slowly, mindfully absorbing the feeling state you wish to raise yourself up to.

Use sound and movement. After randomly choosing a card (face down again) that will help your spirit thrive, look at the card and then let your inner child come out to play by making the sound you think this card might make if its spirit could make a wordless noise. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you are happy with the sound… Next I want you to look at what this sound looks like if it were a movement or even a dance move (gasp!).

Finally, allow the previous two steps inspire your choice of music. Put your music on, crank it up and… DANCE the card energy! What does it feel like to own the energy of the card so completely, on every level of your being? How much deeper is your connection with this card now? How might you use this card differently in the future based on this experience? And most importantly… how much more embodied do you feel?

The light of your spirit is needed in the world.


Lisa Frideborg

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