5 Ways to Heal Yourself with the Power of Sound

picture of tibetan ritual bell sound healing


After a profound sound healing experience in Glastonbury in 2010, I have been in love with using sound for rebalancing my energy field. You already know the impact music has on your emotions but there is also subtle levels of atom vibration and cellular harmony to bear in mind. Sometimes, barely audible noise can have an adverse effect on your energy field.

A perfect example of noise pollution that may disturb your energy field is the low hum of a generator in a nearby factory, the noisy neighbour in the flat upstairs bashing out his favourite death metal tracks or the hum of the motorway if you live close enough…

Other than going to see a sound healer, are there things you can do to counteract these disturbances? Yes! Here are five easy DIY sound remedies:

* Classical music
* Mantra chanting
* Chinese sound healing
* Tibetan singing bowls
* Rune galdr

1. Classical music – Allow your intuition to guide you which tracks to use. Listening to music by Mozart has been proven to aid the ability to focus. Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries is probably not your best bet though… unless you’re about to go off to war. If you feel a track lift your spirit and relax your muscles, know that it is also busy harmonising the cells in your body, helping them work more efficiently.

2. Mantra chanting – There are numerous mantras out there to get started with. Mantras are said to prepare the mind for meditation by clearing the aura of negative energy. They transform negative thoughts into positive by working on our subconscious mind, as well as transforming disharmony in the energy field by harmonising atoms that are out of synch.

HERE are five simple mantras to get you started.

3. Chinese sound healing – Chinese sound healing consists of six basic sounds that each correspond to one of the six major body organs.

1. “Shu” is for Liver
2. “Ka” is for Heart
3. “Hu” is for Spleen
4. “Sha” is for Lungs
5. “Chri” is for Kidneys
6. “Shi” is for the Triple Warmer

Below are two instructional videos that teach you how to combine the sounds with simple Qi Gong movements:

4. Tibetan singing bowls – Playing the singing bowl is a form of meditation and can also be used to send healing energy out into the world. During the one hour healing session I had in Glastonbury, the healer closed with washing my chakras and my aura in the sound of singing bowls. After she had sealed my aura, she led me to the mirror and I was l was pleasantly surprised to see how much more embodied I looked than before the start of our session. My eyes were shining brightly once again!

The good news is that you don’t need to have anyone do this for you. All you need is your own bowl. Here is how:

5. Rune galdrGaldr means incantation (verbal spellcasting) and the word rune means ‘secret.’ The runes are known by practitioners of magick to be so much more than just letters of the Norse alphabet. I have put together my own chart of rune chants for each of the chakras:

Chakra Rune Meditation


Don’t be afraid to experiment and take time to listen to the feedback given by your body. Your body is always your best teacher when it comes to healing of any kind!


~ Lisa

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  1. Hello Lisa, I found this incredible article on twitter, and I am so thankful that you posted this information, for some of this information I can use for a book I am writing called Embracing the Healing Power of Music: Seven Steppe for Finding Your Way out of the Darkness and into the Light Through God’s Gift of Song. There are a couple of chapters this information is useful for, and if I can find other information for the book that would be wonderful. My twitter handle is @annwrites75, or you can email me directly. Thanks so much for that wealth of information, and I hope you don’t me using his information. God bless you.

    1. Thanks Ann, so glad you like the information provided. It is copyrighted but you are allowed to quote portions of my work, provided you reference the source properly. Blessings, Lisa Frideborg

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