7 Holistic Ways of Unblocking Sexual Energy

inner goddess

Time to re-awaken your inner Goddess?

Feeling tired… drained… just. not. in. the. mood? You could need a bit of help with getting the energy moving again and unblocking sexual energy. Sexuality and creativity are closely linked as shown in the Tarot Major Arcana by The Empress archetype, so whether or not you want to get your mojo on to get it on or you just need to free up some creative inspiration, feel free to follow the 7 holistic tips below:

* Have a clear-out.  Get rid of the things you no longer use/need… Recycle, upcycle or donate to charity. Nothing shifts stagnant energy than looking after your home this way. Then carefully clean every room of your house and finish by opening the windows (yes, it is still freezing but give your home a good blast to get rid of stagnant air/energy). Light candles (gold if you can find them) and decorate your clean home with fresh-cut flowers. Yellow, orange and red (fire colours) tulips are perfect.

* Resuscitate your bedroom. Is your bedroom more of a storage room that you happen to sleep in? Turn your bedroom into a living and inspirational space by having a proper clear-out . Anything you are not using needs to go. Give it to charity, recycle and throw away. Now you have a clean slate.

* Decorate with The Empress. The number of The Empress is 3. Invoke the blessing of the divine feminine, Venus or any Goddess you feel drawn to work with and choose three items to decorate your bedroom with that help you focus more on romance and sensual pleasure.  You do not need to be a feng shui expert to know where to place these items… allow your own intuitive guidance to show you where they will be most efficacious.

* Swivel those hips. Exercise does wonders for the libido – this is no secret… but did you know that there are certain types of movements that unblocks sexual energy more efficiently than others? I recommend belly dancing or salsa but you don’t need to take a class to move your hips. Simply put some music on and get jiggy with it.

If you have tight hip flexors, I also recommend stretching this area out properly. The yoga pigeon pose is really good for this. Groin tightness and restricted blood flow to your genital area will do absolutely nothing for your love life.

* Herbs to the rescue. A general tonic/adaptogen may be needed, especially if your immunity has been low this winter. Ashwaganda root (of Kama Sutra fame) and Suma root (Brazilian ginseng) are both recommended for females. Men can try Korean Ginseng which many use successfully and with less side effects than Viagra. Please beware there may be contraindications if you have an underlying medical condition so please check with your GP first.

* Scents that awaken the senses. Among essential oils there are quite a few that can help awaken a winter drowsy libido. Scents are quite personal so I recommend experimenting until you find the one that works best for you. A personal favourite of mine is patchouli. Ylang-ylang, rose and jasmine are also known to do wonders for the libido.

* Erotic crystals. It should come as no surprise that it is crystals of the first and second chakra colours that are among the best  crystal aphrodisiacs. Masculine sex drive is located in the first chakra and female sex drive in the second chakra. I find that carnelian is one of the best stones for female sexuality and red tiger eye for male sexuality. Smokey quartz can help clear any hang-ups you may have, irrespective of what gender you are or what your hang-ups may be. The pink stones such as rose quartz and pink tourmaline can help both genders open up to romantic pleasure.


~ Lisa