7 Reasons Why Everybody Needs to Learn Energy Healing

What the bleep is energy healing? A scam, right? It sounds really woo and hippy…Haha! ‘Feel the vibes, man, and pass the ganja!’

Actually… no.

And quantum mechanics is beginning to prove it. But I’m not a scientist, so I would like to share a personal story based on my own experience instead to illustrate how extremely real and tangible energy healing can be.

Shortly after the birth of my second child (and a massive healing crisis), I decided to study physiotherapy. One of the girls in my physiotherapy class had done level 1 Reiki some time back. Her name was Petra and during one of our breaks, she asked if I could be her guinea pig to get her back into the swing of energy healing.

I agreed and was curious to find out more. At the time, I had already begun to question my Christian beliefs and was open to learning new things. Had she asked a year or two earlier, my answer would have been a resounding and fear-filled ‘No way!’

Thanks to the nature of our studies, there were plenty of couches and rooms where we could practice undisturbed during lunch breaks. Petra asked me to just lie down and relax on one of the couches and then she started moving her hands about an inch or two above my body. Unlike some Reiki healers who prefer to combine energy healing with therapeutic touch, Petra preferred to work exclusively in my energy field (i.e. auric healing), holding her hands above my body as she scanned my energy field and channelled healing energy.

She would tell me where she could feel ‘gaps’ or ‘cold spots’ in the energy, and this would invariably coincide with old injuries or current niggles. I could feel warmth emanating from her hands as she channeled the healing energies and found this wonderfully relaxing.

During our second session together something very peculiar happened as she held her hands above my forehead. A bright light appeared before me. How I could see the light with my eyes shut, I had no idea. In the middle of the bright golden light, an upward-pointing triangle appeared, and at the center of the triangle, I could see the outline of a beautiful golden eye.

After Petra finished her healing, I asked her about what I had seen and she calmly explained to me that it was my third eye. At the time, I had no idea what this was, but divine providence would soon guide me to several good books that educated me about my own energy field. One of the classics and one that I still highly recommend is ‘Hands of Light’ by Barbara Ann Brennan.

The other big lesson I received about our energy and its sensory capacity happened when Petra and I decided to gather some of our fellow students for a stress buster meditation circle before our upcoming exam week. Having no real experience in doing this sort of thing, but feeling guided to do it anyway, we simply lit a white candle, formed a circle (there were six or seven students gathered) and told everyone to relax. We decided to meditate for half an hour and set the intention of opening our eyes at the same time.

This all seemed reasonable to me, because even though I lacked experience with meditation, I had managed to train my mind to wake up me up at a specific desired time in the morning. Upon reading an article about this as a teen, I simply programmed my mind to do it and haven’t needed an alarm clock since!

We quickly relaxed and I felt comfortable enough to meditate with my eyes closed the whole time. After about 10-15 minutes, while I was in a deeply relaxed state, I felt a ‘blob’ of something move through my rib cage. I somehow instinctively knew that it came from Petra, but I didn’t know how I knew this, nor did I understand what the ‘blob’ was.

After exactly 30 minutes we all opened our eyes, and I turned to Petra straight away, with what I guess was a rather incredulous look on my face. She just sat there, smiling widely, looking straight at me. ‘What was that?’ I asked. ‘I just sent you some energy,’ she replied still grinning. ‘You can do that?’ I said with no small amount of disbelief. You would think that I wouldn’t be so disbelieving after my healing sessions with Petra, but I had not yet learned about distance healing, or begun to realize how tangible and real these energies were.

After musing about what had happened for a day or two, I decided to experiment with Petra myself – I had also decided not to tell her about my experiment. After all, she hadn’t told me she was going to send me energy, had she?

My experiment was based on my own very limited experience of energy; it stemmed from the only other place I had ever encountered it – religion. Only, in a religious setting it wasn’t referred to as energy but as Holy Spirit, and it only seemed tangible there during moments of intense prayer. I had actually managed to open up to this intense flow of energy through my head (or crown chakra, as Petra would say) on my own ones, but I still doubted the experience.

Anyway, I thought that I could somehow transfer my experience of this strong energy surging through my body from above to Petra while in a state of meditation. Or I thought it would at least be worth a try. So there we were for our second meditation session. This time it was only she and I (everyone else was far too busy studying for exams) and I had told her nothing of my intention.

Again we both opened our eyes after exactly 30 minutes, only this time it was her turn to look at me with incredulity. ‘Lisa, what was that – it felt like my head was going to explode!’ she said. I giggled, delighted that my experiment had worked, and told her how I had opened up to Holy Spirit like I would at church and then transferred the experience to her by moving the energy with my thoughts.

This was many years ago and I went on to study both Reiki and Spiritual healing myself after moving to the UK. I feel that while not everyone is called to be a healer, everyone needs an understanding of their own energy field so that they can at least manage their own energy efficiently, without harming others.


1. You are energy and energy is all you get to take with you when you die.

2. You can create balance and harmony once you understand your own energy field. This in turn makes you less impressionable and better able to radiate your own being out into the world.

3. You can protect yourself 100% against energy vampires once you have a working understanding of your own energy field and the chakras.  This works both ways. Some people unintentionally leach energy off others, and only once they understand the flow of energy can they begin controlling this behaviour.

4. You can send healing energy to your friends and loved ones.

5. You can choose to open up to universal healing energy for yourself any time you need it.

6. You can join in group healing events for the planet.

7. You will begin transcending the 3D matrix and your spiritual evolution will begin speeding up.


Lisa Frideborg

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  1. This is great, Lisa. I am only truly beginning to understand the power of our energy in our everyday life. It’s like having your own magic wand! I will be sharing this…….we all need it 🙂 xx

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  2. Hi, Lisa – a big THANK YOU is being sent your way……..sometimes life gets so busy, there is very little time left for what is most important – It is a wonderful, busy, distracting world sometimes. It is so necessary to slow down and be aware of the Healing all around. Thanks for the “tap on the shoulder.”

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