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Holy Spirit Power vs Reiki – True Healing Miracles

holy spirit

In yesterday’s post, which ended with a note to Reiki Doc, I wrote I that I would document the only two true healing miracles I have experienced. During my 20 year-long journey through the occult and the New Age, I studied several forms of energy healing, including Usui Reiki and Jikiden Reiki, but the only true healing miracles I experienced were both in the name of Jesus Christ and through Holy Spirit power.

The First Healing Miracle

My first ever healing miracle–with the definition of ‘miracle’ being that there is no scientific explanation–happened on a train between Copenhagen and Hamburg in the summer of 1990.

I was on an Interrail journey by train through Europe, travelling from Stockholm by myself, after quitting a job that I had only been doing for two days. My reason for quitting was that the job I was asked to do was nothing like the official job description. The supermarket manager treated me like a slave and put me on an industrial cleaning job when I had been hired to work at a deli counter.

The trip was so spontaneous that I had not planned any of the stops but I knew I wanted to go to Italy. I loved the culture and the language and decided to just stop wherever along the way, spending most of my time in Italy.

The Mystery of the Vanishing Blister

The summer of 1990 was a very hot summer. I had a heavy backpack on my back and not the most comfortable shoes. I’d only been on the road for three days when I developed a huge blister on my left big toe. The blister got so bad that I couldn’t comfortably fit my foot into my shoe. I could barely walk and I was afraid the blister might burst, causing an infection.

As I sat on the near empty train on that hot July afternoon, I realised that unless I got help, I may not be able to continue my Interrail trip. I was a young Christian–not mature in the faith but with enough faith to attempt healing through prayer. There was no other help coming my way, so I decided to petition the Lord.

Since there was nobody else around, I placed the foot on my lap, hovered my hands over my foot and went into silent prayer, trusting the Lord with the outcome. It was one of those weird time-warp experiences because I’m not sure for how long I was in prayer; it felt like an eternity but it could have been a minute.

When I removed my hands from the foot, the blister that had effectively covered the whole top part of my big toe was… gone!

The Second Healing Miracle

I know, I know… there were no other witnesses and who’s to say I didn’t make the story up? Well, there is a witness to the second healing miracle and she is the one who received Holy Spirit healing, resulting in a miraculous outcome.

The setting for what happened here includes a time lapse of nearly ten years. I was 30 at the time and in the process of losing my religion completely, though I still had faith in Jesus and a keen interest in healing since I had experienced a big healing crisis three years prior.

I was at a friend’s 30th birthday party and we were gathered around the table for a meal. Everyone who had been invited had young children (mine were four and five at the time), and–as expected–much of the conversation revolved around our kids.

After a while, I could tell our host was getting upset. Her eyes started welling up with tears but nobody else seemed to notice. My heart went out to her and I asked her if she was okay. She went on to share with us that it was upsetting to hear us all speak of our children since she had been trying to conceive for years. All she wanted was to be a mother.

Both she and her partner had underlying health issues and his included radiation damage from cancer treatment. When she finished explaining why they weren’t able to conceive, I heard myself say ‘Would you like some healing for that?’

The Power of God

Before I had time to think, she answered ‘Yes please!’ Now, at the time, I had no training and no experience for how to administer healing to others. The church I had been going to was cessationist and did not practice the gifts of the spirit. However, my heartfelt response to her plight felt like God himself responding through me, so I decided that if God was offering healing, He would show me how to do it.

I asked her to take us off to another room for a bit of privacy. We found ourselves in a small sitting room, to the side of the dining room area. As we sat down on the sofa, I asked God to show me how to heal this dear friend.

I was guided to place one hand on her shoulder and put the other hand in the air. Next I prayed for the Holy Spirit to come with healing for my friend. I can’t remember the exact words I prayed but again there was a time warp element to what happened.

Holy Spirit came down into that room with such power that the whole room seemed filled with heat and light. Tears started streaming down our faces. As suddenly as the power descended, as suddenly it stopped, and we concluded the prayer in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Holy Spirit Power vs Reiki - True Healing Miracles

Five Weeks Later…

About five weeks later, my friend called me. She said, ‘You’ll never guess what!’ ‘What?,’ I said. She sounded so excited that I knew it must be good news.

‘I’m pregnant!’

Funnily enough I could reciprocate with ‘So am I!’ since I only found out a few days before the phone call that I was expecting my third child.

Felicia was born in December that year, a much longed for firstborn, and Miranda, my youngest, was born in January the following year.

Why Though?

When I told Miranda about these events and how her conception happened around the time of this second miraculous event she thought about what I had shared.

Her reaction was ‘Why though?.’ ‘When there is so much suffering in the world, why would God heal a blister?’ ‘Are you sure you’re not just making this up in your mind?’

Her skepticism is natural. I expect whoever is reading this might have a similar reaction. I certainly expressed my own skepticism enough times after the blister miracle; perhaps this explains the time lag between the first and second miracle.

My faith was weak because I wasn’t around other believers, nor did I seek God’s truth with all my heart but allowed myself to be deceived by the counterfeit faith of the New World Order.

Energy healing? Meh!

Unfortunately, not long after the second miracle, I became completely apostate and began my journey through the occult–a journey that would last 20 years. However, in all my energy healing studies, I never came across anything like the power of the Holy Spirit, nor did I witness any healing miracles performed through Reiki or other forms of energy healing, though I learned to sense energy and know plenty of New Age ‘energy workers’ who can do the same.

As for the why of the blister miracle, God only knows… but I think He was teaching me about his power then and I also believe that I was meant to go on that journey. If God had wanted me to cut it short, perhaps the healing would not have taken place.

All I know is that calling on Holy Spirit power to heal in the name of Jesus can create miracles. That’s not to say nothing happens when you channel ‘Reiki’ but it feels like nothing by comparison. In fact, I have another story that illustrates that but this post is getting long, so I’ll save that for another day…

In Him