FREE Angels of Love Tarot Guidance for Vday!

free angels of love guidance tarot readings for valentine's day

Hello my friends, it’s nearly Valentine’s Day so I thought we would have a bit fun here on the Angelorum (Latin for ‘of the angels’) blog with a round of free love & romance mini readings. For these mini Love Tarot readings, I will be invoking the guidance of the Angels of Love and use the Tarot of the Angels deck.

All you have to do to take part is comment below with your question. I will do as many of these as I have time for today and tomorrow 13-14 February.

The Angels of Love

All angels are pure love, of course, but some of the angels are more keen to help us with our love relationships than others. The ‘Angels of Love’ are the Angels that are particularly keen to help us with matters of the heart. I will invoke their assistance for these free mini readings. In particular, I like to work with Archangel Raphael (heart healing + communication), Archangel Raguel (harmony and fairness), Archangel Anael (romance and beauty), Archangel Jeremiel (reviews, transformation and moving on after a break-up) and Archangel Azrael (painful break-ups and letting go).

Additionally, you can invoke Archangel Michael (ruler of the Sun) for protection and Archangel Cassiel (ruler of Saturn) for binding a stalker or abusive ex.

Angel Magic

To invoke angelic assistance for new love or to strengthen an existing bond, light a pink candle to Anael (ruling Angel of Venus) on a Friday. Fridays are traditionally seen as the best day of the week for most forms of love magic. Spells for new love or increased intimacy should be cast on a New or Waxing Moon. Release spells should be cast on a Full Moon and banishing spells on a Waning or Dark Moon.

Remember that the angels can never be invoked to impose your will on the free will of another person. Therefore, if you wish to find new love, it is best to be open to God’s plan for your life than insist that a certain someone who is showing very little interest must be ‘the One.’

Timing is also something you are better off leaving to God. It could be that the perfect match for you simply isn’t available yet. Would you rather settle for someone who is not quite right to find that you are not free to engage with the Right One when they do become available? Trust in God’s perfect timing.

The best way to work with the angelic realm for manifesting true love is to ask for angelic guidance on what you can do to live from the heart. Our own capacity for love is what determines the quality of future relationships. Learning to see everyone around you through the eyes of the heart will open you up to endless possibilities of loving encounters and increase your chances of meeting a truly loving partner a thousandfold.

I look forward to giving you guidance together with the Angels of Love!