10 Steps to Becoming the Perfect Drama Queen

drama queen

Everybody loves a relationship drama queen. Most people would rather watch every social media move of a real life relationship drama queen than follow their favourite soap. Here is how to perfect the art and become the total Queen Bee of all drama queens, including the ones who are famous for being famous. 

  1. Make sure you are well connected with people who like to gossip on all your social networks as well as in real life.
  2. Publish intimate details about your relationship on the Internet. Whether it is true or not, it only really happened if you instagrammed, tweeted or snapchatted about it.
  3. Take everything your partner says and does personally and do your best to make him feel guilty about it.
  4. Make sure you always have at least one flirt/affair on the go while you are in a relationship, preferably with your partner’s brother or best friend. Better yet: Get them to fight over you!
  5. Accuse your partner of cheating on you whether you have evidence or not.
  6. Check your partner’s email and phone messages as soon as you get a chance.
  7. Phone a friend for advice as soon as anything goes wrong (which should be every day if you follow the advice above). Conversely, always advice your friends to take the most dramatic approach to everything that happens in their relationships. Remember, ‘Misery loves company.’
  8. Trust your friends more than your partner and live your life based on their advice.
  9. Don’t pick your battles carefully; Any little thing your partner does wrong is cause for a battle cry… and make sure every argument ends up being about you and your needs!
  10. Never ever own up to anything you may have done wrong – Always blame your partner! It’s more important to be right than to be kind.

Happy April Fool’s Day!