Love Forecast for HSP’s

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Hi lovely HSP,

Hope you have a great week and a nice Thanksgiving if you are reading this across the pond. Today is ‘Black Friday’ here in the UK too, apparently, even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Any excuse to commercialise a day though, right? People are set to spend over 2 billion pounds on stuff they don’t need and not a single solitary soul is going to be any happier for it.

Right, I’ll get off my soap box now and talk about something that is FREE and is actually the only thing that can make us truly happy. Yeah, you guessed it… LOVE! For this weekend’s love forecast, I’ll be working with The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Deck and the Thelema Tarot.

Pay close attention to the pattern made by the Major Arcana cards here. Both the cards at the top of each spread are Majors and the numbers are successive. In the case of the singles reading, the numbers are progressing – not so for people who are coupled, indicating a need to step back from the relationship. For singles this week is not so much about progressing a romantic connection as it is about a personal breakthrough.


27 November Singles Love Forecast

The two cards at the top of the spread from the Psychic Tarot Oracle for the Heart give us the theme for the weekend. ‘Observe’ +  ‘Release’ both happen to be Major Arcana cards and correspond with the traditional Hanged Man + Death.

This show’s progression from last weekend’s reading and a readiness for breakthrough and true transformation to take place. This is a very dynamic and potentially life-changing duo of cards, so don’t shy away from examining recent events in the light of your awareness and do call on Spirit for guidance through what looks very much like an initiation experience.

The three cards at the bottom from the Thelema Tarot are super interesting because the 5 of Sword from last weekend’s reading is repeated in position 1. However, the two cards that follow differ and reveal a readiness to break old patterns once and for all. The temptation to allow fear and confusion to cloud your judgement is gone.

The Ace of Swords represents Archangel Raphael (East/Element of Air) and this card brings the promise of healing of old patterns of thought and communication as well as the ability to draw a firm line under the past. You are ready for something new, something better… You have a sense of your own worth and are beginning to catch yourself out when you start giving in to negative thoughts.

This is amazing and totally wonderful… Congratulations! My feeling is that this weekend will be more about celebrating your own victories than dating. Use the next couple of days to revel in what it feels like to be completely free of toxicity, need and negativity!

Rarely do you see such a strong theme of a negative paradigm ending. You really should be proud of yourself. Not only do you benefit personally from this but the world be a better place because your light can now shine brightly and the whole world will benefit from his.



27 November Coupled People Love Forecast

Here we find ‘Flow’ and ‘Seek’ (trad. 9 of Pentacles) from the Psychic Tarot Oracle for the Heart. These two cards are also Majors (!) and correspond with The Wheel of Fortune and The Hermit respectively.

Here we see a need for some down-time due to recent fast-flowing developments that you may require further information and/or clarity about. You need time to integrate and understand how to move forward on a personal level more than you need togetherness this weekend. This could also be true for your partner, so pay attention and discern which one (or both) of you who needs more space at the moment.

You may feel internally conflicted about your responsibilities versus your need to engage in activities that bring you joy. Just observe and accept that a portion of this weekend will have to be used for less pleasant tasks when it feels like the whole world around you is going out partying. It’s OK to sigh occasionally and sigh with Cinderella…Oh, well. What’s a royal ball?’

The way to make the most of this weekend is to show appreciation for the little things and to release any tension with exercise. If you can get a session in with your partner, all the better (provided you both feel like it, of course).

And if you work with Angelic energies, you may wish to spend some me-time connecting with Archangels Sachiel (Flow) and Raphael (Seek) for mental clarity and guidance about the opportunities that lie waiting just around the corner. Imagine this weekend as a Heaven signalling you to slam the breaks so that you can move forward with clarity next week. It can be frustrating but if you go within, you will be rewarded.

Blessed Be!


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