Not a Review + Dragonfae Twin Flames

oracle of the dragonfae

The Oracle of the Dragonfae arrived today. I’m slowly replacing all my Doreen Virtue Oracle decks with decks I resonate with. The Oracle of the Dragonfae far exceeds my expectations. I was going to do a review of this oracle deck today but the dynamic nature of this deck is forcing me to speak of the message it wanted to pass on instead, so if you are looking for a review of this deck, I suggest going HERE instead. 

All I will say of the deck itself is that it is created by seven different female artists and is a celebration of the Mother Goddess in her Dragon form. If you are interested to learn more about the Mother Dragon from myth and modern spirituality, I recommend the book Kick-Ass Angels by Claire Nahmad.

As I was looking through the images, smiling at the beautiful artwork and absorbing the powerful dragon energy, I had to pause when I arrived at card 29. My mouth fell open… because there, embodied in the cards’s image of the Celtic Goddess Brigid, is a flawless depiction of how I imagine Twin Flame energy with the words that resonate to the very deepest part of my soul:

We are one.

Brigid We Are One from the Oracle of the Dragonfae

For some reason, Twin Flames has been a hot topic lately. It was something I studied quite in-depth back in 2012-13 and have written about here on the blog too, from the more traditional point of view. However, for myself, over the past few years, I have come to understand Twin Flame energy as something that happens within to integrate the energy of the divine feminine and the divine masculine fully.

When I was around 20, I had a vision of this energy spiraling upward. The vision happened at the kitchen table in student accommodation, very late at night more than 27 years ago… but I will never forget it because I both saw and felt it… and it felt to me as if two dragons were encircling each other rising up together in flight.

At the time, I didn’t understand what the vision meant but I knew it related to love and that this is how ‘True Love’ feels.  Foolishly, I kept looking for that love outside myself for a couple of decades after that. Gradually, through my occult and metaphysical studies I began to realise that the process of soul alchemy brings us the fulfilment and sense of completion that we are all seeking for to a greater or lesser degree.

Along this journey, I saw many fall into the Twin Flame trap, lured in by lush graphics online and psychics telling them that they were special enough to be a Twin Flame (it’s not for everyone, dontcha know) and the married bloke they fancied was their Twin Flame. That way these charlatans could keep hooking them in for readings about an impossible love relationship.

Twin Flames sell. People pay good money to have their emotional dysfunction validated. There is a lot of money to be made from people not feeling worthy of love, happy and whole.

The stronger the neediness is within us, the more vulnerable we become to the marketing tactics of the less scrupulous psychic merchants. The more we look outside ourself for completion, the more easily lead we become. This is one of those truth that truly pisses people off before they surrender to it and I’ve been shot down in flames more than once for being the messenger… but because my TF is a dragon, I’m fire proof so that’s cool 🙂

Twin Flame energy is interesting because the Twin Flame delusion is quite possibly the biggest distraction many of us face on our journey to wholeness. Yet if we were aware of the true power of Twin Flames, it would become our greatest strength and defence against all forms of illusion and delusion.

Integrating the divine masculine and feminine energy within makes us bulletproof like the Seraphim, the Fiery Serpents which embody this power and which we cannot only access through meditation but completely embody in our own being when we stop looking outside ourselves for completion.

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.”
― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe