Weekend Love Forecast for HSP’s

4 December Love and Romance Weekend Forecasts

Hi HSP friends,

2016 is in the air already… People want to know what is on the cards for them in the year ahead and many of us are busy planning our lives and businesses with Leonie Dawson’s fabulous Shining Life + Biz workbooks. Those who didn’t find the happiness in love they hoped for in 2015 are, understandably, already looking forward to a fresh new year… Now is the time to start taking stock of what we learned about love in 2015 so that any mistakes made aren’t put on repeat for next year. But don’t give up on 2015 quite yet… Many couples are formed during the festive season thanks to the many parties and social gatherings that tend to take place this time of year.

On a personal note, I learned that it is possible to find happiness in love when you are middle-aged. It is not that I didn’t believe that to be true… for others… I just wasn’t sure that it would ever happen to me. But it did, at age 45. Mike and I got married in June this year. There is no expiration date for happiness in love and I guess that is the one thing I wish I could help people truly feel in their hearts, so that they can relax and begin to enjoy all that life has to offer, rather than being completely hung up on finding ‘The One.’

Because here’s the thing… it is feelings of love and happiness that attracts new love. The sooner you learn to be truly happy in your own skin, the sooner you will be able to manifest a healthy and happy love relationship.

For this weekend’s forecast, I have chosen to work with The Romance Angels Oracle CardsThe Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Deck and the Thelema Tarot.


4 December Singles Love Forecast


The two cards at the top of the spread give us the theme for the weekend. We have ‘Flirt’ from the Romance Angels Oracle +  ‘Teach’ from the Psychic Tarot Oracle for the Heart.

This combination of cards promises an event or gathering at a large building where you will be given plenty of opportunity to ‘extend your lighthearted energy’ to others. It could be mean a talk or workshop too, of course, but Teach (trad. The Hierophant) can just signify the type of large building where those kind of events are sometimes held.

The three cards at the bottom from the Thelema Tarot give us a bit of a red flag with the 7 of Swords as the central card. This could indicate a love rival or a (jealous) female friend who is not happy about your weekend plans. Be mindful of this and trust your own hunches and gut feeling because the presence of the 6 of Cups promises a possible soul mate encounter in the next few days.

Ask Archangel Michael to help you dodge any negativity or jealousy and to express your true will. Perhaps it is time to say goodbye to someone in your friendship circle who wouldn’t be happy for you to find true love?



4 December Love Forecast Coupled People

Here we find ‘Give Your Relationship a Chance’ from the Romance Angels Oracle and ‘Awaiting Results’ (trad. 7 of Pentacles) from the Psychic Tarot Oracle for the Heart. These two give us a message about investing in your relationship for the future, without expecting immediate results… So what could you do that will pay off a bit further down the line? Plan a surprise birthday party? Book a city weekend getaway in April?

In the bottom three cards we see a strong need to express opinions on a certain topic with the Knight of Swords. Justice may struggle to maintain harmony and the tendency could be to close down (4 of Pentacles) if you find your partner doesn’t agree with what you have to say. Now that you’ve been given the heads up, you can avoid this pitfall.

Work with the Angelic realm and call on Archangel Raguel and/or Anael (Justice) to help you maintain harmony and friendship in the relationship. You can also work with rose quartz to keep your heart open over the next few days. Make ‘It’s more important to be kind than to be right’ your motto.


Blessed Be!


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