Combination Deck Interview with the 3D and Pictorial Key Tarot

There is no way of capturing the 3D effect on camera but these cards are da bomb!

The Pictorial Key Tarot deck by Lo Scarabeo caught my eye quite a while back. Being a fan of most brightly coloured Rider Waite clones (yes, I’m easily pleased!), I’ve been wanting a copy for quite a while but found myself putting off getting this deck in favour of others that seemed more alluring at the time.

But then I found out that there was a 3D Tarot out by Lo Scarabeo, based on the Pictorial Key Majors… Oh my, I could wait no longer! This I had to see – not only see but play with! I’m still a kid at heart and in spite of all the high-tech gadgets (or perhaps because of) I sometimes sink into a state of nostalgia for the days when one 3D picture would amaze me no end. I wanted to know if the fascination could be rekindled and there could be no better object for testing this than a 3D Tarot for this Tarotista!

Rather than interviewing these two decks separately, I decided to do the original reading and with the Pictorial Key Tarot and simply replace any of the Majors with one of the larger 3D Majors. This way you get a sense of the size difference.

Let’s see what these two had to say for themselves:

Deck Interview with the Pictorial Key Tarot and the 3D Tarot

1. Describe yourself in three words or less – King of Swords

PK: objective, smartass, detached

Me: you’re proud of being a smartass?

PK: doesn’t affect me one way or another as I’m also detached and objective 😉

Me: good for you!

2. How would your best friend describe you using only three words? – Knight of Wands

PK: idiot, sarcastic… oh, and smartass *rolls eyes*

Me: meaning you’re not as smart as him?

PK: just friendly banter – we’re both members of Mensa

3. What gift do you bring?  – 2 of WandsPK: a solid yet edgy partnership and two for the price of one. oh wait, you actually paid for both of us… no such luck then! you know, you really should get people to send you more review samples. this is getting expensive!

Me: you’re telling me! *heavy sigh*

4. What do you expect in return?  – The Devil

3D: to be taken seriously and used for shadow work and meditation. oh, and i would take everything the Pictorial Key Tarot says with a pinch of salt. he may be older than me… but I’m bigger and better!

5. How can you help me serve? – King of Wands

PK: lol @ 3D Tarot. I’d prove him wrong here and now if i could be bothered to stoop to his level… pffft… anyhoo, back to the interview: i can provide you with clarity of vision, both for yourself and your clients.

Me: yay! Rider Waite clones rock!

6. Is there anything else you would like to tell me about yourself? – Ace of Swords

PK: put on that song… Number One! you’ll want no other after this 😉

Me: wanna bet? bhahahahaha

Blessed be!