Infinity Tarot Deck Interview

A Tarot deck shaped as a number eight? Really?! But WHY? After looking through all the cards twice I still wasn’t sure. OK, so the Devil mask is pretty cool but wouldn’t it be cooler if all 78 cards could be worn as masks? Why the holes if they are not intended to be masks? Won’t the holes ruin the reading?

Infinity Tarot Devil Mask

The more questions I asked, the more questions I had… so I thought I’d better let the Infinity Tarot tell me all about itself instead!

1. Who are you?
6 of Cups (Sun in Scorpio): I am the playfulness of childhood. I can take you back to a more imaginative and intuitive way of reading the cards.
2. What is your strength?
2 of Cups (Venus in Cancer): I speak directly to your heart instead of your head.
3. What is your weakness?

9 of Cups (Jupiter in Pisces): I can be a bit much at times… Like when you overindulge in your favourite Saturday treat or have that one glass of wine too many.
4. What types of readings do you prefer?

Ten of Pentacles (Mercury in Virgo): Readings aimed at creating abundance and a legacy for the seeker.
5. How do you challenge me?

The Tower (Mars): I can really mess with your sense of logic and orderliness. This could be a love-hate relationship… Do we fight or make passionate love? I know which I prefer!

Hmmmm… Thank you Infinity Tarot… I guess we’ll see how well you do in more practical readings then. I must admit, the 10 of Pentacles took me by surprise – especially since the previous three cards were all from the touchy-feely suit of Cups.

In the end, I actually didn’t feel distracted by the holes in the cards… I guess you could say we connected on another level. And even though I haven’t received answers to all my questions by this initial reading, I feel that I can definitely work with the Infinity Tarot… It brings a bit of colour and fun into my life… so instead of all my original questions, maybe just one: Why not?

Blessed Be!