Frideborg Tarot cards fanned - Free reading Friday

Free Reading Friday and Tarot Book Tip

Frideborg Tarot cards fanned - Free reading Friday

Hello my friends and happy Fri-Yay! It’s been a busy week… Aren’t all weeks in December super busy? So I thought we’d chill with some free mini Tarot readings and share a Tarot book tip.

Your chance to win a FREE mini Tarot reading

To take part in the free Tarot reading draw tonight, simply ask your question for the cards in the comments below. I will do ten mini Tarot readings in the comments tonight. I will answer the questions I feel most drawn to.

Cartomancy with the Lenormand and the Tarot by Patrick Dunn

Tarot Book Tip – Cartomancy with Lenormand and the Tarot by Patrick Dunn

The book I want to recommend is one that all Tarotists should add to their library, whether they are looking to learn the Lenormand at all/in-depth or not. The book is ‘Cartomancy with the Lenormand and the Tarot’ by Patrick Dunn.

Patrick Dunn explains the sociocultural background for both systems which makes it easy to understand how they differ (and how they are similar). He also helps you understand how the Anima Mundi uses categories of symbols to communicate with us. He breaks this language of symbols down in such a clear and logical way that you may well come away feeling that you could read with any system of divination… and you wouldn’t be far wrong!

Having always been a firm believer in formulating the right questions for the cards, one of my favourite quotes from the book is:

[bctt tweet=”The questions most suited to divination are those that uncover meaning rather than data. ~ Patrick Dunn” username=”LisaFrideborg”]

Dunn’s non-traditional, intuitive take on the Lenormand also suits my psyche and the way I always felt like approaching the ‘Lennies.’ I suppose this will read as a caveat to those among you who feel there is only one ‘correct’ way of reading the Lenormand cards… 😛

There are also a couple of chapters dedicated on how to combine the two systems in readings. Essentially though, this book is suited to anyone with a keen interest in Cartomancy, Tarot and/or the Lenormand. You don’t have to want to combine the two systems to get loads of great information from this book.

As a bonus for those of us who are inclined toward the Craft, there is a chapter on how to use the cards for magic. Whether a novice or an experienced reader, you will enjoy Patrick Dunn’s book if you are the type of person who likes to think more deeply about how and why things work.

The days of fake gurus are numbered

Finally, before I sign off, I would like to recommend this article about the psychology behind why fake gurus can attract a great following and vast riches. This was a share by a friend on Facebook that I feel is a must read now that there is such a war on people’s souls and wallets going on.

Blessed Be!