The Alphabet for Lovers – Ancient Kabbalistic Wisdom with a Modern Twist

Alphabet for Lovers

Alphabet for Lovers by Orna Ben-Shoshan

The Alphabet for Lovers is a love & relationship oracle based on the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. It comes in a boxed set with 72 heart-shaped cards in an organza bag and a 104 page companion book (text only).

According to Orna Ben-Shoshan who is the creatrix of the cards as well as the companion book, this oracle can be used to look at the dynamics within all kinds of relationships, such as between family members and work colleagues, as well as lovers. For each of the cards, Orna has also included a section about what the cards might mean to someone who is single – handy indeed if you are looking for an oracle to help you manifest a love relationship!

This is not a fluffy oracle by any stretch of the imagination. It holds profound wisdom and covers every aspect of relating without shirking the dark corners and shadows:

According to the Kabbalah, the 22 Hebrew letters are considered channels through which divine abundance flows into the Universe (…) Together with the constructive aspect of each letter, there is also an opposite destructive aspect that represents the potential damage that may occur if the nature of the flow of the letter’s energy is blocked.

For each of the 22 letters, three relationship aspects have been chosen. In addition to these 66 cards, there are five additional cards – one each for the final letters in the Hebrew alphabet, as well as a ‘crazy heart’ card which is the most auspicious card in the whole deck.

In spite of the amazing depth of insight provided through these cards, you need no prior knowledge of Kabbalah.

Suggested questions to ask of the cards are:

  • What happens with my marital life now, and how did we get to the present situation?
  • What are the dynamics that control my relationship and the power balance with my partner?
  • How can I make the best of the present situation?
  • Can this relationship survive?
  • Are we right for each other?
  • Is this relationship moving toward marriage?
  • What is the nature or personality of the partner I’m involved with?Is he/she faithful and can he/she be trusted?
  • Does he/she really love me?
  • What are the things that prevent me from achieving a significant relationship? (for singles)
  • What kind of relationship can I expect with this person?
  • Who will be my intended spouse?

In addition to layouts with up to four cards, Orna has included two different methods for answering yes/no questions. Unique to this oracle is a way of predicting compatibility based on both people’s first names, as well as the first names of their mothers.

For each of the cards, the companion book includes meanings for the following areas:

  • General meaning for the relationship
  • Advice for singles
  • Personality
  • Advice on how to deal with the relationship

Each letter has an astrological correspondence which may be used for answering questions about timing.

As you can see in the picture below each card image has a different message on the back, giving the number and title of the card. There is no need to learn the meanings by heart (no pun intended) – you can keep using the companion book to look up the meanings. This makes the Alphabet for Lovers an ideal oracle for DIY love readings, as it gives you the maximum amount of objectivity.

Alphabet for Lovers

Should you get the feeling that the card meaning is vague or doesn’t fit your situation, it simply means that you are not meant to be reading on this matter for the time being.

You select the cards by shuffling them around in the bag (or on the table before placing them in the bag) and pulling the card your hand feels drawn to.  You can also opt to place the cards in a bowl. I found that there was plenty of room to do the draw in the bag but my hands are quite small.

Below you will find some more sample images of the artwork, which I find quirky and slightly surreal – ideal for thinking outside the box and getting a new perspective on the situation!

Here is a sample Past-Present-Future

Here is a sample Past-Present-Future reading…

…and this is what the ‘backs’ (or is that fronts?) look like for these three cards:

Alphabet for Lovers - Card numbers and titles

I found it very easy to get a clear message on what was happening with this particular relationship dynamic and the advice sections were absolutely brilliantly apt!

Another use that I found for the cards is to use them together with other oracles. Below together with a row of three Lenormand cards:

The combined reading above, I have already been able to verify as I set the time frame to very near future and it turned out to be spot on!

I give the Alphabet for Lovers oracle:


I look forward to offering readings with this oracle to clients in the near future.

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