Theological Doctrine of Angels, My Arse!

I’ve had half a mind to review Doreen Virtue’s Certified  course for a while now, to help prevent others from throwing their money in the bin but something happened this morning that made me realise I have waited longer than I ought to. I felt ‘OK’ with giving the course fee away because it was going to an animal sanctuary. However, this morning, I received a document in my inbox (happy to forward to anyone who needs it) that made me realise that Doreen Virtue‘s animal sanctuary is now being dissolved. **ETA I have obtained permission from the lady who created this document, June Goldburg, to share it directly in the post – She calls it ‘a simple fact checker.’**

Were those poor animals used as props for her videos and as grounds for asking people to donate ever more money? We were told this was to be their forever home – a true sanctuary. And now what? The Virtues (pun totally intended) are moving and Michael is making a video appeal for people to take the animals off their hands, ‘They make good lawnmowers.’

*** ETA: The video from the end of August where the announcement about downsizing and getting rid many of the animals has mysteriously disappeared from YouTube. However, I have it on good word from several friends who watched it that this is what is happening. There is also a reference to a possible move in THIS VIDEO (watch from around 31 min) from the end of July. A sanctuary where half (or however many) of the animals are given away is no sanctuary and the last thing those poor souls need right now is another move. ***

I am gutted. It’s one thing to have been conned out of money buying certificate courses that are totally worthless… I can take that on the chin and admit my own folly. But those poor souls have done nothing to deserve this.

Anyway, on to my review of the course that is supposedly based in ‘theological doctrine’ – See screenshot from the website above.

My Review of Doreen Virtue’s Certified Angelologist Course

There is one lesson a month over a period of 12 months. When the course was first announced, the first video lesson had not been produced yet and you can tell they are rushing the material together month by month. The hastily researched course material consists of videos, varying in total length between 60-120 minutes from month to month and a PDF of ‘course notes’ (more about those later).

For much of these videos, Doreen is reading from a book, mostly the Bible, jumping from passage to passage and not weaving it together in a coherent manner. A big clue that Doreen is not familiar with the material she is covering is that she mispronounces words and keeps changing the pronunciation as well, which makes it even more confusing and difficult to follow along.

After the third month the monthly test system crashed and no clear guidance was given so people had no idea what was going on until an announcement was made that we had been moved to a final exam instead due to technical difficulties. Instead of the monthly tests, we were given a PDF quiz that has the answers right below the questions. Before that, the course notes existed only of Bible passages without any explanation or context.

Then there are the factual errors. Rather than discussing them here, I will provide screenshots below with the questions I asked on the course forum below. These questions have yet to be answered… (Bless the student who commented though!)

My question about the KJV version of the Bible being ‘the first English translation’:

King James Version first English Bible Translation

My question about ‘the Word’ in the context of Hildegard von Bingen’s work:

To teach a theology subject you need a degree in theology. The fact that Doreen Virtue does not have one is blatantly obvious for those of us who have sat through the first torturous six lessons… or in my case five and a bit since I couldn’t bear it any longer…. Who certified her to certify others in a subject she doesn’t even have the most basic knowledge of?

Finally, here is my request for a refund that I posted this morning in the forum:

If I have learned thing after it became apparent that Doreen Virtue was going to start demonise both her previous teachings and any students who dare question her was to screenshot everything. Many of my friends and fellow students have had their questions deleted. Whole post threads have disappeared and many of us have been banned from the forums.

As for my own Angelology studies, I have decided to buckle down with a book by theologian Dylan Potter. The learning never ends but I will be much more discerning about who I learn from in the future.

*** ETA 11/9 *** Doreen Virtue has made a statement on the forum. See below, along with my reply and the requests made by two other students in addition to my own – for reasons as legitimate as mine though slightly different. The final picture is the reply made by one of the students who originally requested a refund and who also is not happy about Doreen’s lack of transparency.

The requests for refunds

The reply by another unhappy student to Doreen’s statement

And yet another request for a refund because of the poor quality of the course

I’m sharing this here as I’m anticipating deletion of further posts and possibly getting blocked from the forum. I think it is important that people know the truth. If you feel the same, please give this post a share.

ETA 12 SEPTEMBER 2017: Last night I found the following in my inbox… I guess you have to ask yourself – If what I have shared is ‘untrue’ and ‘illegally slanderous,’ why not sue me instead of send me money? I have stuck to facts all the way through and I definitely don’t hate Doreen Virtue. I hope she recovers from whatever THIS is…

ETA 27 November: Doreen admits that she is not qualified to teach even a free online Bible study in this video (around 13 min), yet continues to refuse refunds for the Angelologists course which is supposed to be a ‘Theological Doctrine of Angels’

ETA 8 February, 2018: This just in from someone who commented under THIS blog post:

Angeologist Refunds Now Given by Doreen Virtue

So it would seem that some are getting refunds now… Worth a shot then if you have tried and failed in the past! If not and you live in the US, please consider taking legal action.