spiritual fascism

11 Signs that Your Spiritual Teacher is Spiritual Fascist

spiritual fascism

I want you to look around and ask yourself if maybe you have seen signs of spiritual fascism in among those who claim to believe in ‘Love and Light’? Are there any cult leaders/spiritual fascists lurking on your esoteric horizon? Have you been shut down for just asking totally legit questions with regards to certain teachings perhaps? Then this could mean that you have been subjected to subtle (and sometimes NOT so subtle!) forms of spiritual fascism. 

11 signs that you are dealing with spiritual fascists

  1. Spiritual discernment is not encouraged. Instead the Leader points to a book or set of rules
  2. Questions are discouraged and deleted when asked online (even politely worded questions)
  3. Members who persist in asking questions are muzzled and banned from online forums
  4. There is only one right way – The Leader’s way
  5. Other members are actively encouraged to harass and weed out those who show signs of critical thinking
  6. Dissidents are referred to as being ‘demonic,’ ‘negative’ or of ‘lower energy’
  7. Anyone with an opposing/alternative view on the outside is demonised, creating a heavily polarised world view (though all in the name of ‘unconditional love’) – this is possibly the craziest aspect of spiritual fascism as opposed to political fascism, since the latter openly professes a polarised view
  8. Gaslighting techniques are used against dissidents to gain sympathy for the Leader
  9. Members are paying large sums of money to the Leader
  10. The Leader has been repeatedly caught out lying and has not successfully been held accountable but persists in speaking with a forked tongue so that in the end everything is veiled in a cloud of confusion. Those who seek to pierce the veil are accused of taking things ‘too literally’
  11. The Leader has a large following of sycophants

The time of gurus is coming to an end as we enter into the dawn of the Aquarian Age. The spiritual teachers who are reluctant to let go of their power are now showing us the ugly side of spirituality so that we can free ourselves. For that we owe them a great debt of gratitude.

So what can we do to make sure we don’t fall prey to spiritual fascists?

  • Own the shadow child within who still has a need to be told what to do by an outside authority and become that child’s parent instead of placing her in foster care
  • Never stop asking questions
  • Remove yourself from people who try to shut you down for asking questions
  • Seek out kindred spirits
  • Understand that people who accuse you of being ‘negative’ just for asking questions and using your discernment are projecting – they come from a place of fear
  • Understand that it is safe for you to be powerful
  • Understand that nobody else is going to assert your rights for you – part of growing up is learning to do this
  • Learn to manage and read your own energy. Any individual, teacher or organisation who makes your energy field shrink is not in alignment with your soul’s calling. The same goes for anyone who encourages you to become more like them instead of showing appreciation for the unique individual you are.

At the end of the day, spiritual fascism is nothing other than patriarchy’s answer to spirituality. The days of patriarchy are now numbered as we join hands to celebrate the return of the Divine Feminine.

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  1. Lisa, you nailed it this time too! You are so good to put your word together! Yes I have seen a spiritual “Angelguru” exactly what you asked…Unfortunally she was the worlds “”Angel Lady” aka Doreen Virtue. She took a new path in her life that I can understand, she start to worship Jesus and God. A step I could understand since she worked with their messengers The ArchAngels for many year.
    But then she start to say that people should throw away one of her one works about Ascending Masters, saying Tarot was demonic or lower energies. When her student start asking question she banned them and refuse to answer…
    I’m happy that some people stop belive in her words and try to get the thruths out instead and start warning people.
    Thank God for that otherwise DV could started a war between Christians and people that belives in moore than the church, the New Age people!
    It’s up to anyone to change or start belive in something else BUT not to try to get everyone else belive the same, lying and worst of all still try to be “Angel Lady” that would have a lot of money for the courses and at the same time regret her works and says She’s a Christian now and her former works is work of lower energies…

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      Thanks Jessica! It’s the lying and gaslighting I can’t stand. I don’t mind if people change paths – that’s a personal choice we are all entitled to.

      1. I know that you don’t mind people changing. You show others by your tarot how to do the change in the best way! Maybe someone should have requested for a reading before she started to talk?

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