11 Signs That You Were Born Lit

11 Signs You Were Born Lit (and what to do to regain your sparkle)

11 Signs That You Were Born Lit

Some of us were born with a knowing that the third dimensional ‘reality’ all around us is only one small part of the jigsaw. We were born with a strong sense of knowing that we had come into the world with a mission to assist humanity with healing and consciousness evolution. We were born lit.

Here are 11 signs that you were born lit:

  1. You have been called an old soul more than once
  2. You were obsessed with mortality, eternity and the supernatural as a child
  3. You prophesied as a child
  4. You had dream visions and premonitions that came true
  5. You loved the world but hated its self-destruction and ignorance
  6. You never quite fit in but found great pleasure in helping anyone in need that crossed your path
  7. You hated small talk and were drawn to people and places where the Great Mystery was explored
  8. You have always had a keen sense of being on a mission
  9. You have encountered disembodied spirits and angels
  10. You have faith in God/Source/the Universe and were born with that faith
  11. You have had near death or out-of-body experiences

Some of these traits and characteristics are a heavy burden because it goes against the grain of the world and, because we also have an ego, we may have felt challenged beyond our capability more than once. Because we were born woke and lit, we never get to have that great awakening moment that some experience so turning away from the past and wiping the smudges that dull our inner light can be tricky once we have allowed ourselves to be wired in a way that isn’t positive or conducive to our mission.

It then becomes about understanding that you can draw a line under the past now. Yes, NOW… and be the person you were always meant to be starting from this very instant. Imagine what a miracle that would be! I invite you to embrace this miracle right here and now. So take three deep breaths to release the past and all negativity attached to it, look up and say

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Establish the following four cornerstone habits to allow your light to shine as brightly as possible:

  • Break free from addiction to toxic substance and people. (Get help if you need to!)
  • As soon as you wake up, give thanks for the gift of the new day and ask God to guide you.
  • Read or listen to authors and motivational speakers every day to stay inspired on your Path.
  • Do Kundalini Yoga or some other form of exercise + Pranayama every blessed day. The breath is the key to being able to realign quickly.

You may already know where you originate. Some of you reading this are aware of being Starseeds, Earth Angels, Incarnated Elementals or Wise Ones. Knowing your energetic blueprint will help you understand your mission.

What matters more than anything else though is your ability to keep your heart open to love. If you are allowing love to flow freely, you are ipso facto aligned with your Life Purpose.

If I could speak all the languages of earth and of angels, but didn’t love others, I would only be a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.
I Cor 13:1


Lisa Frideborg

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      Oh wow… Thank you, God! I feel tingles up and down my spine reading this – thank you so much for sharing! You’ve got this and the Angels have your back! <3

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