Miriam of Magdala

2017 Feast Day of Mary Magdalene

Miriam of Magdala

On this day, Saturday 22 July, those of us devoted to Christ and the Magdalene, celebrate Her Feast Day.

As part of the online celebration in the Magdalene FB group, we are invited to allow the words of Her gospel to inspire us creatively.

I was drawn to a very specific phrase, found on the first existing page (no. 6) of Her gospel:

what you do takes you further away

To put this phrase into context:

Peter said to him: “Since you have become the interpreter of the elements and the events of the world tell us:

What is the sin of the world?

The Teacher answered: There is no sin. It is you who make sin exist, when you act according to the habits of your corrupted nature; this is where sin lies.

This is why the Good has come into your midst.  It acts together with the elements of your nature so as to reunite it with its roots.”

Then he continued:  “This is why you become sick, and why you die:  it is the result of your actions;  what you do takes you further away.

Those who have ears, let them hear.”

Jesus and Mary Magdalene

So there is no sin but there is distance that removes us from our true Self and Source and which also creates isolation instead of community.

I was mulling this over in my mind while in the car with my husband on the way up to Newcastle the other week when I saw this road sign which I had never noticed before. It simply said:

‘Watch Your Distance’

It was as if I saw these words etched on a stone tablet – my mind ‘pinged’ with the importance of them – and then I heard the voice of my heart say:

‘This is truly all you ever need to be mindful of.’

Ever since that golden moment, I have measured everything according to whether or not it helps me maintain my intimacy with Source or if it is something that will take me further away.

My internal GPS has finally kicked in and this, in turn, helps me with another part from the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, which teaches us to ‘be in harmony.’ 

This is why I tell you, ‘Be in harmony…’ if you are out of balance, take inspiration from manifestations of your true nature.

To be in harmony horizontally (in our relationships) is only possible when we are in touch with the ‘manifestations of our true nature.’

While the intimacy with the true Self can be total, we do need to watch the distance with other people, aka personal boundaries – Yes, spiritual folks need them too! Even in our most intimate relationships, we are not allowed the infantile urge of merging completely with our beloved.

In those of us with abandonment issues, this urge can be overwhelming but only serves to push other people away. The disappointment this urge brings in tow also creates a rebound effect where we disassociate completely and therefore fail at maintaining healthy long-term relationships.

Watching the distance means making sure that Source/God is as close to me as my own breath and moving in harmony with everyone around me… much like nicely controlled traffic, which is only possible when I abide by the instructions coming from my internal GPS system.

I think you know what’s coming next… Yes, these thoughts did inspire (no surprise!) a ‘Watch Your Distance Tarot Spread.’


First I want you to focus on your connection with Source, shuffle and cut your deck as usual. Then I want you to locate (face up) the Temperance card and the two cards either side of Key XIV. These cards represent your vertical alignment. Leave these three cards out and reshuffle, focusing on relationship harmony with people around you.

Locate the Justice card and the two cards either side. These three cards signify your horizontal alignment. The cards on the left of each Major Arcana Key shows you what you need to do less/let go of/surrender of to stay close and be in harmony; the cards on the right show you what you would benefit from doing more of.

You can freestyle after this if you like and pull an oracle card or two for further insights and spiritual guidance. I chose to work with the Pictorial Key Tarot*, along with the Isis Oracle* and the Secret Language of Color Cards* – the latter for what healing energy to bring in during the lunar cycle that begins tomorrow, with the New Moon in Leo.

You may also wish to take the quint of each group of three. You take the quint by adding the numerical value of each card and reducing the sum (if need be) to a number between 1-22 for the corresponding Major Arcana Key. The numerical value of The Fool is 22 and for the court cards it is 11 for the Page, 12 for the Knight, 13 for the Queen and 14 for the King. For Temperance (vertical distance), my three cards add up to 22, 0 The Fool. For Justice (horizontal distance), they add up to 23/5 The Hierophant.

A Mary Magdalene Feast Day Tarot Reading


I can see clearly that what I need to keep my intimacy with Source (Temperance) is to let go completely of financial worries (Ace of Pentacles) and focus on establishing the divine power and guidance of the Hither Self within (The Chariot).

As for being in harmony in others (Justice), I need to surrender my social anxiety (9 of Swords) and focus on creating beautiful things together with like-minded people, for the Highest Good (3 of Pentacles).

Advice from the Isis Oracle is to flow with the lunar cycles and be patient with regards to the new thing I’m wishing to create next. The colour card I pulled is Lilac. I get this card almost every time – it’s my perennial oracle card stalker! Hopefully, really focusing on this energy through the Eclipse season will help me integrate it.

I hope you will enjoy trying this spread and if you do, I would love for you to share your reading in the comments!

Magdalene Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg

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