A Divine Message and a Spell for the Solar Eclipse

A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.
Revelations 12:1

The Pisces solar eclipse is fast approaching. The exact time of the eclipse is 14:58 GMT. A Solar Eclipse always coincides with a New Moon. With a Pisces New Moon, this is a great time for new beginnings in the area of service and sacrifice for the Highest Good.

Our Blessed Mother comes to us with a message about surrender, service, sacrifice and self-care:

This eclipse, beloved children, is a sign of the return of the Mother and the rise of the feminine divine in times of open opposition to the evil forces that seek to devour this world and all who dwell in it.

Be not afraid.

Those who hear my calling know the power of love. The also know that, just as for my Beloved Son, love sometimes demands sacrifice. The next few years are not going to be easy. The forces of evil that are propping up patriarchy are prompting people to fight back. People who would normally be acting with at least a modicum of respect and decency for appearance’s sake, will now show their true, oppressive nature.

I send my blessing to every single person, male and female, who has suffered and is suffering still under the oppression of patriarchy. This blessing is a sweet fragrance that will help you cope with all the dung that needs to be cleared out now.

Your focus as Warriors of the Spirit must always be to help the little ones, the poor, sick and oppressed. You can only fight the evil of this world with love. Anger and outrage will only feed the forces of darkness and deprive you of health and vigour. You need to stay strong so arm yourselves with the good company of kindred spirits – that way you can reach more of the people who most need God’s love now.

Arm yourselves with my sweet love and your armour will give off such a sweet fragrance that the forces of evil will be forced to retreat.

You are blessed with my love and care always and forever!

Mother Mary has been with me ever since doing the week ahead reading with the Mother Mary Oracle. I experienced a miracle and I feel she is guiding me in sharing the message above, as well as creating the Sweet Perfume Tarot Spread and the spell below.

A Solar Eclipse Spell for Christian Witches

For the first part of the spell, do a Spirit-guided reading, asking Holy Spirit to help you see which aspect of self needs strengthening and activating for you to be able to be better equipped to serve Mother-Father God. Pull just one Tarot or Oracle card. If you struggle with understanding the message from the Tarot, I’m happy to help in the comments below between now and the New Moon.

Items needed:

  • Your chosen card
  • A Bible
  • A large white candle (your baptismal candle is ideal if you still have it!)
  • A smaller white candle
  • Pen and paper

Optional items:

  • An icon or statue of the Blessed Virgin
  • A blue altar cloth
  • A crucifix or rosary
  • Roses in the colour that best correspond with the aspect of self you are working on
  • Frankincense or Sandalwood incense

Cast the Circle by invoking the protection of Archangel Raphael in the East, Michael in the South, Gabriel in the West and Uriel in the North.

Light the big white candle. This is the Christ Light which is always with us. Lighting the candle serves a reminder that we can always call on him. Next, light the small white candle on the bigger candle. This is symbolic of God being our strength.

Next, meditating with your card, write down a prayer that surfaces from deep within and that signifies your desire for God to strengthen the aspect of self expressed by the Tarot.

Recite the following prayer: 

Holy Mother-Father God,

You who are the cause of the movement of the celestial bodies that now affect every single being, help us all make the most of the blessings now available to us. Guide the leaders of the world with wisdom and compassion. Help those who are suffering. Fill us with your peace and help us spread this peace to every corner of the world. Bless my sisters and brother in Christ with the ability to use their gifts with courage and confidence. For myself, I humbly ask (read out your prayer). May I be given a sign that my prayer has been heard, between now and the Full Moon.
Amen and so it is!

Fold the piece of paper with your prayer up and place it in your Bible until the Full Moon. You can even use it as a bookmark so that you may be reminded of God’s grace with regards to your request as often, as you read your favourite passages.

Keep the Tarot or Oracle card you pulled for guidance on your altar until the next Full Moon. You may also (or instead) wish to take a picture of it and make this picture your smart phone screen saver.

Give thanks to Mother-Father God and the Angels, starting in the North with Archangel Uriel and going around the room counter-clockwise, thank Gabriel, Michael and Raphael in turn.


Lisa Frideborg

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