A Full Moon Magdalene Transmission

That the most intense Full Moon of the Zodiac year takes place on a 16/7 Numerology day this time is no coincidence. Nor is the buzz about this Moon being linked with the return of the Divine Feminine. ‘Magdalene’ is thought to refer to Mary’s place of birth, a Hebrew town named Magdala. In Hebrew, Magdala means ‘tower.’ Are you gobsmacked yet? If not you should be. Some of my psychic friends have been receiving transmission about the return of the Magdalene at the time of this Full Moon, as have I. 

It is generally acknowledged that the Scorpio Full Moon is extremely powerful and also that the veil between world’s tends to get a whole lot thinner during this lunation. Any higher vibrating being who wishes to transmit to Earth can do so more easily at this time. Equally, you and I can more easily extend our own energy to receive communication.

It is important that we make room for quiet time tonight for that very purpose. Great advances can be made this way. Previous life-long blockages can be cleared permanently and you will have an opportunity to fully align with your soul’s calling as well as receive blessings and empowerment from on High.

This Full Moon in the Water sign of Scorpio is a powerful time for women to come together, if not in the body then through ether, to connect with their soul tribe. This invitation also extends to men (and yes, I’m aware there are more than two genders) and anyone who is waiting to embody more of the feminine divine here on earth.

I felt nudge to do a psychic colour reading about what we can expect and how to best prepare our hearts and minds…

Full Moon Colour Reading on the Return of the Magdalene

Pink is a colour I have not felt drawn to since I was in my teens but it has been on my mind a lot lately and showed up in one of the Tarot challenges I’m doing on Instagram in May for ‘What you need to know about strengthening your mind.’ It was wonderful to get ‘Pink’ and the message ‘Let love in’ – I can’t say that I’m surprised to see this card show up again as a message from the Magdalene because that is what she is all about – She *is* the Holy Grail… The transmission happening tonight to anyone who is wanting in on establishing the Divine Feminine once more on Earth is one of pure love.

This is not to replace what Christ did for us on the cross, granting us eternal life and hope for all who are lost. This is about establishing the Kingdom of Heaven (Love and Light) more firmly on the Earth through the grace of the Holy Spirit (Mother God). It is no coincidence that this is happening now, at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. It takes a massive shift of energy to break with patriarchy and restore balance.

As for the two brown tones showing, I’m being told in no uncertain terms that this transmission is not about some romantic sentiment about pink, lovey dovey energy… It’s about acting on our strong desire to create unity through sisterly love and reach out to those most in need.

To do this, we are gathering now as one. We surrender our lives to divine service and step into the fullness of the power of our true Higher Self.

Tonight we have a portal opening. If you are reading this and are feeling a heart expansion, you are most likely a Magdalene Priestess. If your mind is rebelling against the notion of this sacred calling and you are still not sure, you can be certain by answering the following questions:

  • Have you always known that you have had a spiritual calling?
  • Have you felt that traditional religion ‘shrinks’ God?
  • Have you always in your heart felt that God is not just ‘Father’ but also ‘Mother’?
  • Do you love Jesus Christ?
  • Do you believe in magic and miracles?
  • Do you want to help people but are not quite sure how?
  • Do you know this is not your first time here on Earth?
  • Are you aware that the days of patriarchy are numbered and want to help bring more balance to Earth?
  • Do you know or suspect past lives in monastic settings (to prepare you for this incarnation)?

If you answered yes to all nine, you are one of the Magdalenes now being activated and I would like to invite you to join us over at the Magdalene Order of the White Dove where will encourage and support each other to do exactly what is coming through here in this reading:

  • To magnify the Kingdom of God which is the kingdom of love and light here on Earth through divine service.
  • To offer prayers for/healing to all living beings but will also be made manifest in practical ways through various charity projects.
  • To learn and teach others how to wear their spiritual armour daily as Spiritual Warriors.
  • To learn and teach greater levels of self-love/self-care and enjoyment of the precious gift of life here on Earth.
  • To encourage women of all ages to express the many faces of the divine feminine as fully as possible.
  • To encourage all genders to embrace the fullness of the divine feminine and masculine in perfect harmony.

To make the most of tonight’s Full Moon, position yourself in the lunar portal in meditation to receive direct transmission for yourself and send out blessings to all living beings from your heart, strengthening and grounding the outpouring from Heaven.

You may also wish to join us in the following prayer:

Dear Mother-Father God,

Thank you for this beautiful Full Moon heart opening and for flooding our hearts with your unconditional love so that we may serve you better in manifesting the Kingdom of Love and Light here on Earth. Thank you for calling us all with a loud trumpet tonight. Thank you for waking us from our slumber and helping us see how short and numbered our days here on Earth are. Thank you for the return of the Magdalene, the Tower from that which is wicked must fall. Help us all to love ourselves and each other better day by day, forever guided by your Holy Spirit, blessed Shekinah! Gird us about daily with the armour of the righteous and protect us from all temptation. Amen and so it is!


Love and Full Moon Blessings )O(

Lisa Frideborg