Angelic Forecast for Empaths and HSP’s

15 March Angelic Forecast

Those of you who felt the pressure of this week’s solar eclipse will be glad to know that energies are most definitely lightening up for next week. Perhaps you can already feel it easing up?

Emotionally, there may still be work to do but there will also be plenty of time for celebrating your achievements so far, play, enjoy time with friends and have more fun.

To me, the main gist of the message for the week ahead is that God and the angels really wish for us to ENJOY life to full… to permanently purge any lingering negativity and to laugh more, trust more and seriously start counting our many blessings.

This week I’m working with the Archangel Power Tarot and the Healing with the Angels Oracle, one of Doreen’s early decks which I only just bought last week and it’s quickly becoming one of my favourite oracles as the messages are so spot on every time.

As usual, we cover the overall spiritual theme for the week, life purpose/career, health/wellbeing and relationships.

CLICK THIS LINK to view on YouTube if you are on a mobile device/and or not able to view the video in the post.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and many blessings for the week ahead!