autocorrect theology

Autocorrect Theology

autocorrect theology

God is…

Do you ever think about who or what ‘God’ actually is? Surprisingly, it seems quite a few people do think about it – At least to the point of being willing to take part in a ‘game’ about it on Twitter.

The Tweeter @asunflowerpose asks people to type in ‘God is…’ and let autocorrect do the rest. As you can see by the number of replies she got, there are a lot of curious and/or playful people out there.

autocorrect theology - god is... tweet

Most theologians would probably agree that we can’t know God in any real sense, other than understanding what God is not. The way to truly knowing God, according to mystics of all religions, is not via the mind but rather via the heart. 

As I have been reading extensively about Mary Magdalene over the past couple of weeks, I have been thinking rather a lot about the heart path to God’s love, or what Cynthia Borgeault refers to as the Fifth Way in her ‘The Meaning of Mary Magdalene.’

Cynthia Borgeault argues, if I understand her correctly, that while we cannot ever hope to know God as an object, we can know God as the subject of our own love.

Autocorrect theology got it right!

Imagine my delight when autocorrect chimed in with my Magdalene musings about God as subject, as well as the heart being central to any form of understanding.

I was also delighted to see ‘mastery of my heart,’ which is actually manageable, rather than something much more grand such as ‘mastery of love.’ ‘Mastery of my heart,’ also frees me from any obligation to convince others of a ‘right path’ – My only obligation is to love as God loves.


While loving is simple rather than easy, to stay centred in God’s unconditional love is the main intent I set for 2019. Oh, I have failed miserably on a number of occasions already… but my heart beat is becoming more steady day by day, more convinced of its purpose. Three days in, I’m glad I chose this intent for the whole year.

Perhaps I should have set this intent much earlier in my life… and maybe things would have turned out differently.  I mean, it’s not like I’ve been completely unaware until now – I’ve just chosen to remain rudderless…

Many years ago, I had a knock on the door of my flat in the north Stockholm suburb where I was living at the time. At the door were two young Jehova’s Witnesses. They asked a rhetorical question, ‘Do you know why you are here on earth?’

Without hesitation, and with all my heart, I answered ‘I’m here to learn how to love.’ 

That is what God is about after all, isn’t it?

I know many of my atheist friends would argue that we don’t need the concept of ‘God’ thrown into the mix in order to be good and loving people. That’s true – for them. It’s simply not true for me and I’m so so happy to finally be OK with that.

I’m happy to live and let live. I’m happy to have my mysticism, visions, yearnings and divine miracles, and to only share them with those who are on a similar path. I think I finally see the difference between needing validation and craving the fellowship of truly kindred spirits – There is a bottomless, peace-devouring gulf between the two! 


Lisa Frideborg

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