Can you be a Christian and a Tarot reader?

Can you be a Christian and a Tarot reader?

Can you be a Christian and a Tarot reader?

The High Priestess from the Thelema Tarot

Short answer: Yes, you can be a Christian Tarot reader as long as you are OK with using your own brain and trusting your inner guidance.

Before I start the long answer, I want put a disclaimer here: Many traditional Christians will not accept me as a Christian because of my occult leanings. These are usually a) the Christians who see the Bible as ‘inerrant,’ b) believe the Bible is the literal and exclusive Word of God c) who subscribe to the dogma of their particular denomination. And to be fair, I prefer the term ChristoPagan. The irony is, of course, that all Christians are ChristoPagans, whether they are aware of it or not…

So this longer answer is by someone who knows many forms of Evangelical Christianity as well as Lutheranism and Catholicism from the inside, and who left church but who still loves Jesus and his teachings (and yes, who is a professional Tarot reader):

I will start by repeating the statement above: Yes, you can be a Christian Tarot reader as long as you are Ok with using your own brain and trusting your inner guidance. I feel it is important to emphasise this because I truly do not believe that you can be a Tarot-reading Christian if you let others dictate dogma to you. It simply won’t work and you will soon find yourself in a state of severe cognitive dissonance. Your task now is to bridge that pre-existing cognitive dissonance which brought you here in the first instance by liberating your mind and being brave enough to follow your own inner guidance.

It’s about the journey of faith to get to the place where we are free to rely on our inner guidance which is known by some as the Holy Spirit. It is about how to free ourselves of the fear of being labeled as ‘heretics’ or the need for approval by others… Or worse, the fear of spending eternity in hell – That old favourite of hell and brimstone preachers!

One of the fastest ways to achieve liberation from the fear of being labeled a heretic is to do what I did and tour several different Christian denominations. That way you soon learn that what is sound Christian doctrine in one denomination will quickly label you a heretic in the next… Yet they all claim to know the ‘Truth.’

Now, if the Truth were indeed embodied at some point in history, it may very well have been in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. He ruffled enough feathers for that to seem highly likely. If his teachings ring true to you and you feel drawn to work with Him, then He won’t turn you away, even though many of His official followers (how very like the Pharisees!) might turn you away.

If you feel drawn to work with Him and with Hekate or some other Pagan deity, He still won’t turn you away. The problem with feeling rejected by Jesus lies not with Him but with his self-appointed representatives on Earth, except for those few rare true vicars who embody truth and compassion equally (of course, it helps if they are not muggles!).

The first step in liberating yourself from fear and judgement associated with dogma, none of which come from the Lord or the Holy Spirit, could be to read ‘Love Wins‘ and ‘What is the Bible?‘ by Rob Bell who (you guessed it) is frequently referred to as a heretic by fundamentalist Christians.  ‘Love Wins’ is particularly effective if you have been programmed with a fear of spending eternity in hell – As IF God is a psychopath!!

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Or you may not need to read any of the above. It may just dawn on you know (Thank you, Holy Spirit!) that there is no judgement for following your inner guidance or thinking for yourself.




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