cognitive dissonance and fragile visions

Cognitive Dissonance and Fragile Visions

cognitive dissonance and fragile visions

Mystical visions fall in the realm of Neptune, planet of unconditional love, imagination, the occult, illusion, mysticism and sacrifice. Since the Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune North Node transit this week, I’ve felt a strong pull to examine what role visions have played in my own life, as well as how they can both help and hinder us.

Doreengate (which defines the recent Eclipse Season for many of us) made me examine my own mystical visions of Angels and the impact those visions had on my faith in a previous article here on Angelorum. What I want to do now is to look more at the concept of visions itself because if Doreengate demonstrated anything, it is how powerful and yet fragile visions can be. We also have a fine public example of an unintegrated and ungrounded vision of Jesus triggering a spiritual teacher to start down a Path of Fear.

The most interesting question that was raised for me by this public example is how to ground a vision into reality and harness the guidance from it without falling prey to the intellect’s need to categorise the vision and make it fit with a ready-made belief system. Having been down this path of cognitive dissonance myself, I find it easier to spot the signs of it happening in others.

But let’s begin by looking at an example of a vision that was sufficiently grounded into reality for a man to be Christ to another to the point of laying down his life for him. I’m talking about Maximilian Kolbe who experienced this vision of the Mother Mary:

That night I asked the Mother of God what was to become of me. Then she came to me holding two crowns, one white, the other red. She asked me if I was willing to accept either of these crowns. The white one meant that I should persevere in purity, and the red that I should become a martyr. I said that I would accept them both.

In this instance, of course, there was no cognitive dissonance at all between Kolbe’s vision and reality because he accepted it as part of his faith and it would also have been accepted as such by his Christian brothers. This made the vision strong enough and grounded enough into Kolbe’s reality that it carried him all the way to his last breath which he drew in a starvation bunker at Auschwitz, having volunteered to take the place of a man who had fallen to his knees to plead for his life.

What makes visions fragile in the case of modern-day mystics is the lack of both cultural context and an internalised belief system that allows for visions and helps us accept as well as integrate them fully. A vision without organic support and context can cause epic Neptunian confusion and the intellect won’t be happy until it solves the conundrum. The temptation for the ego-mind to take that vision and run with it can be overwhelming.

I know this from my own life where my childhood experience of higher dimensions during my out-of-body experience lead to a life-long quest for spiritual truth. On such a quest there are many traps and to understand what those traps are, we do need to exercise discernment as well as study both history and religion.

It is, of course, entirely possible to just let the vision just be what it is, with no need to try to explain it, or worse, to profit from it… but most of us don’t have egos that will allow for such simple acceptance. When a mind hastens to fit a vision into a ready-made belief system (without having sufficient understanding of said system) and also at the same time seeks to profit from it, we have one hot mess on our hands. How big the mess actually gets depends on the reach of the person trying to profit from it.

sacred heart rays of christ

In the case of the recent public denunciation of previous visions as being of lower energy by a famous spiritual teacher who used to claim those visions came from the Divine, the mess is massive and has affected tens of thousands of people adversely. Her own cognitive dissonance is taking her down a path of fear and she now actively seeks to bring others down that path with her. The reason she claims that her former teachings must have been ‘lower energy’ is because they don’t fit with the Patriarchal religious system she has decided to squeeze her vision of Jesus into.

The mess has also increased in size because people who do use their discernment about this and try to question her or discuss it with others to make sense of it are being banned from her forums and demonised (said to be ‘used by lower energy’ and engage in ‘drama’). This is known in psychology as gaslighting – a form of victim blaming – and it is particularly insidious in this instance because the devout followers of the perpetrator are also engaging in it, hounding those who speak out against wrongdoing, accusing them of being ‘negative’ and ‘judgmental.’

All that has happened has been carefully documented and is not based on ‘rumours’ as this spiritual teacher claims it is, nor does it have anything to do with her personal choice to choose a spiritual path. It truly has been the perfect example of what NOT to do when you have a vision:

  • Google it (try prayer and meditation instead)
  • Make a video slide show of pictures of Jesus to whore the vision on social media
  • Assume the vision happened to save you from ‘hell’ after watching NDE videos of hell rescues on YouTube
  • Publicly denounce former visions and teachings
  • Seek to monetise your new vision ASAP (hard to break the habit of a lifetime)
  • Quickly squeeze it into a form that society will accept without even a rudimentary knowledge about said system
  • Set yourself up as a teacher of Theological Angelology without a degree in Theology
  • Vilify any former followers or students (effectively the people who built your wealth) who are discerning enough to question what is happening

So what can we learn from the examples of Maximilian Kolbe and other genuine mystics when it comes to visions?

The vision has to fit with what you believe and if it doesn’t instantly fit (which it may not in our secularised society), you must give yourself time to integrate it and ground it into reality in an organic manner, using your spiritual discernment for however long it takes to give you a sense of purpose and direction. It’s a simple matter of trust and we can only trust if we have faith. The purpose of a vision is to make us better people, not seek to convert others or turn it into a for-profit career. True visions lead us deeper into love and oneness. Maximilian Kolbe laid down his life for a man whose faith and circumstances were different to his own because his vision had been integrated without cognitive dissonance.

People who have visions are commonly referred to as mystics. Mysticism is much older than Christianity and other forms of organised religions. In ancient times, the mystics of the tribe were often given the role of shaman and healer.

Shamanic studies may be of benefit to mystics who have visions but who are not drawn to religion… but most importantly trust your own vision enough to know that it is sacred even when you don’t know exactly what it means. Learn to be comfortable with Waters of Neptune flowing where they will and trust the stream to steer you all the way Home, in the faith that Love has already won. Then one day you will know your shit and that’s when you can start teaching others.

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