dark spirit harrowing

Dark Spirit Harrowing of Children

Dark Spirit Harrowing of Children

A while back, I read a book by Shaman Durek called ‘Spirit Hacking.’** It was quite a strange experience to read this book and realise I had so many strange experiences in common with this author whom I have never met.

One of the peculiar experiences that he described to a T was the childhood experience of seeing sinister spirits in my bedroom – a harrowing that continued for an extended period of time and that consisted of (among other things) evil-looking faces popping out of the darkness to frighten me. In the book, Shaman Durek claims that this is common but when I asked around on social media, none of my connections could relate to this experience.

Thankfully, my ancestors decided to provide me with the missing piece of the puzzle in the form of a download that came when I was out running earlier today (I get most of my downloads in the shower or when I’m running). This type of harrowing is common… but only to those of us that belong to a shamanic bloodline. Unfortunately, the harrowing can’t be prevented in the third dimension as there are statutes of limitation for how far the protection of the ancestors and spirit guides extends but they usually find a way to keep the shaman child from going over the edge.

As a young child, I had no language for what had happened to me but when I entered into my religious phase in my late teens, I equated these spirits to ‘demons.’ In the terminology of the gnostics they are referred to as archons.

The purpose of the harrowing is to try to incapacitate the child from aligning with their mission and life purpose. This happens on many levels of the child’s psyche and is much more complex than just showing scary faces but I won’t go into the details of the psychological part of the harrowing here… On the flip side of the coin, the Higher Self only agrees to this harrowing in order to become a fearless Warrior of Spirit. Basically, it’s part of our initiation as shamans and we know that before we are born.

When things were getting really, really bad is when I had my out-of-body experience. I don’t know who the helping spirits of light were but when they lifted my soul out of my 5-6 year-old body, I was completely taken out of the third dimensional hologram and shown higher dimensions where no evil existed. I was shown colours that our human eyes cannot detect and I heard the music of the spheres in this beautiful higher dimensional space of pure peace and harmony.

It was this out-of-body experience that gave me the courage to continue my journey in the human body that I am in now. When evil tries to trick me into believing that evil is our ultimate reality (not hard to believe on this planet), I can always return to this memory, no matter how faint it is now.

I know there is a higher order and reality. I know that we can opt out of the inverted version of existence that the archons want us to buy into. We do so by living fearlessly from the heart, trusting our gut and allowing our minds to be the servants of higher consciousness. We do not allow the disconnect to keep re-occurring by falling back asleep and accepting the consumerist paradigm as our ‘reality.’ We stay alert and make a difference in whatever way we can…

Did you experience this kind of dark spirit harrowing as a child? I would love to hear from you.

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Blessed be!

Lisa Frideborg

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