21 august solar eclipse

Doreen Virtue Denounces Tarot + Other Eclipse Musings

21 august solar eclipse

Done with Doreen

I’d like to start this post by thanking Doreen Virtue for all that she has done that is good, beautiful and uplifting – It’s a great deal and I know many people (myself included) who have been helped by her. I have journeyed with her since I read the Lightworker’s way back in 2003 but I have realised that I must now part ways with her and her body of work. The certificates I gained through training with her are still valid for insurance purposes but I will certainly not reference them for any other purposes in the future – not much point when the Teacher has denounced the teachings.

That said, I have no regrets about studying with Doreen. It was all good fun – especially the Certified Angel Card Reader Course (waves to Radleigh Valentine whose input was totally fabulous). It’s a different matter with the ongoing Angelologist course though. After Doreen turned to traditional Christianity it has gotten very serious. I can do serious if the content is also meaty and in-depth but the Angelologist course seems rushed together and for much of it Doreen is just reading from various versions of the Bible in a monotonous voice. It’s all so turgid when compared to previous courses.

It doesn’t help that the monthly online test system crashed and that separate videos have been pushed together so that you can’t easily reference the material… but what annoys me the most, since I have studied the Bible at a Christian University are the blatant factual errors, which – when raised in the student forum – are just ignored by the moderators… and, of course, no word from Doreen herself. Had the money for this course not gone toward caring for the rescue animals on the Virtue estate, I would have demanded a refund.

The thing about Doreen Virtue’s courses is that though spiritual in nature, they cost a lot of money and lead to certification for aspiring spiritual professionals. She’s a talented business woman and her business is a multi-million dollar industry. Since this is in fact a business and not a religious cult, the students should be entitled to a certain amount of accountability from their teacher. Sadly, what we have learned so far is that when students ask questions about whether their certificates are still going to be valid, after learning in roundabout ways that their teacher reaches out via other channels to denounce her own teachings, the admins of Doreen Virtues forums simply delete the discussion threads.

This kind of lack of accountability lead to me leaving the Fairyologist forum yesterday, as well as helped me realise that I was ‘done with Doreen.’  Commenting on my public FB post from last night about this, a friend who is a PR professional had the following to say:

…this was poorly handled by her. Her legions of students/consumers made her who she is today by buying into her brand. The fact that the thread was shutdown on the Fairyologist site shows disrespect to us all. Her team should have proactively reached out to all her social media when she had her transformation and explained her new direction. Even a video with a personal message from Doreen would have helped. There is no excuse when you run a multi million dollar business.

The Tarot Denounced

I must admit that even though how poorly handled this was handled in the Fairyologist forum, I would have called curtains on my own involvement with Doreen Virtue after she publicly denounced the Tarot the other day. She is clearly buying into ready-made beliefs by traditional Christianity about this and it was just this kind of brainwashing that made me realise I really could not be part of organised religion.

There is nothing intrinsically evil about the Tarot – a game of cards which first surfaced in Italy during the early Renaissance era. In fact, back in the day it was seen by most people as morally superior to a regular deck of playing cards since it contained the moral stories associated with the archetypes of the 22 Major Arcana cards. The irony here is, of course, that the those images were steeped in traditional Christian values (much like the medieval morality plays), so a traditional Christian denouncing the Tarot simply means that they are ignorant about the origins of the Tarot.

Since the 15th century, the Tarot has gone through many processes of evolution with big landmarks happening in 18th century France and 19th century England, culminating with the publication of the Order of the Golden Dawn inspired Waite Smith Tarot in 1910. From there, we have had many Tarotists of renown who completely departed from the influence of Western Mysticism and instead sought to claim the Tarot for earth-centred spirituality.

I have to laugh at myself now because it wasn’t that long ago since I denounced certain schools of Tarot thought myself, in my absolute hubris of claiming to be in possession of ‘the Truth.’

Full Disclosure

My biggest blessing of 2017 has been to be able to see my own mirror image in Doreen Virtue’s journey in and out of New Age and back into the arms of traditional Christianity, though she professes to have embraced only ‘the teddy bear version’ in her younger years. Apparently the ‘teddy bear version’ didn’t carry a need to denounce anything because it was all love. I think I know which version I prefer.

The need to denounce other teachings or practises only arises with dogma and it is that kind of dualistic Christianity Doreen has embraced now. I fell back into that dogma myself not too long ago so I know how strong the pull is. Essentially, it addresses our ego’s need to be right… the need to claim to be in possession of the truth… It creates an us/them paradigm… and it reminds of the following story from the very same American Christian fundamentalist (sic!) university mentioned higher up…

Our computer teacher (back in the good old floppy disk days) wasn’t like the other university professors. He was most definitely not a ‘hyper fundy’ and would sometimes walk into class wearing brightly coloured shades, humming the tune to ‘Don’t worry, be happy.’ I think I’m only now starting to appreciate how much his presence was needed in that kind of environment.

One morning, he randomly (everything about him seemed gloriously random) chose to open the lesson with the following story:

Once, when I was home alone, there was a knock on the door. Two Jehovah’s Witnesses greeted me and asked me if I wanted to see God’s truth in Holy Scripture. I asked them to please hang on a moment… and I went into my office to retrieve something from the top drawer. I showed them the small tin box I had fetched. I asked them if they wanted to see the sunshine I had trapped inside the box. Their reply was, ‘That’s ridiculous, you can’t catch sunlight and trap it inside a box.’ I calmly looked at them and said, ‘No, you can’t – You’re right… Nor can a book capture the truth.’

That story has stayed with me my whole life and now I finally understand that the truth is only found at the zero point where we become one with love. From there we can BE the truth and we can never teach it any other way. I have finally lost my need to claim to be in possession of the truth. And I really cannot thank Doreen Virtue enough for being my mirror on this journey where I have hurt both myself and many others because of my insistence on dogma when life (rejection/abandonment in particular) felt too difficult to accept and deal with any other way.

Now I have learned to deal with fear-based emotions of rejection by going within and hooking back up with Source. In that space, there is no need to denounce or defend, no need to preach or teach… only a need to connect deeply with other souls in a loving way and in the full knowledge that we ALL belong to each other. We are one. There is only one truth and its name is love. Knowing this is what brings peace.

The Eclipse

It’s no coincidence that all of this is happening on the day of the Great American Eclipse. Many who feel dismayed about Doreen’s denunciation of former teachings and seeming rejection of her own students are Americans and to them this sense of rejection is naturally compounded by the far right being in power, claiming to espouse traditional Christian values.

What we all need to understand is that this is all part of patriarchy kicking back against the return of the Divine Feminine. Patriarchy is in its death throes and doing all it can to cling to power. It impacts us as individuals and it also impacts power structures which we will very soon see crumble to the ground.

You see, people are becoming wise to the sneaky tactics of fear (that alien space fungus) and we are joining hands in one almighty love revolution. But first we must surrender… and before we all choose to do just that, many of us will revisit old haunts like the church where we can feel safely in possession of sunshine in a tin box.

So pray with me that this eclipse shadow will reveal the light within, which we can all BE and radiate but can never possess.

And so it is!


Eclipse Blessings )O(