wife submit to your husband doreen virtue

Why is Doreen Virtue teaching women to submit?

wife submit to your husband doreen virtue

ETA 7/10 Doreen denies writing about women submitting on her page

In this ‘Mornings with the Lord‘ video from 6 November 2017, Doreen slams my blog claiming I’m writiting about her because my blog is monetised. I plan a separate post on this because I want to stay on topic. This is the new edited text for her Archangel Michael page:

“All holy angels are ranked and submit themselves to God’s authority.  Submission here being an honor that gives power and strength; never taking it away.”

Apparently she never wrote the words in the screenshot and she missed them out when she was proofreading what went on her site. What kind of proofreading is that then? Missing a type or two… Sure (I do that all the time!) but this…?? Sounds like she is submitting to the will and outrage of the public if you ask me. Mission accomplished.

Doreen Virtue’s Newfound Misogyny

What is happening? Former assertiveness coach Doreen Virtue is now teaching women to submit to their husbands. The screenshot above is from the Archangel Michael Page on Doreen’s Angel Therapy website. What happened to bring this radical change about? Does Doreen Virtue actually believe in this… or is there something more sinister going on? Is she being manipulated by a strong male influence?

Female Submission and the LGBTQ Community

As someone with close family ties to members of the LGBTQ community, I found Doreen’s comment worrying, not just because it turns the clock back 150 or so years for women… It also endangers already vulnerable members of the LGBTQ community and does nothing for gay marriage equality. I tried asking Rad about this since he will be on stage with Doreen in only one month’s time as part of this event. He did not reply.

radleigh valentine question about submission and lgbtq marriage equality

Continued Hay House Censorship

And what is happening with Hay House using censorship to prevent this from coming out? Since Rad declined to comment, I tried asking about these new teachings on the Hay House Australia Facebook page. Not only did I not get a reply but my comments were deleted and I was blocked. Ursula Clarke tried asking why I had been blocked which resulted in her getting blocked too.

Ursula Clarke asking why Hay House blocked me and deleted my comments

How do you feel about religious female submission? Someone piped up to defend Doreen Virtue and said she too likes ‘a strong man’ and didn’t see anything wrong with this.

My reply:

How can you even begin to equate a strong male presence with submission to one’s husband? How about two strong presences instead – one male and one female, without the submission aspect? No? Because that sounds a hell of a lot healthier to me. It’s one thing to choose to be submissive (emotionally/sexually, whatever…) and another to have someone preach at you that you have to be.

Others are saying that the word ‘submission’ doesn’t mean what we think it means.

My reply (copied and pasted from the dictionary):

the action of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person.
“they were forced into submission”
synonyms: yielding, capitulation, agreement, acceptance, consent, accession, compliance
“an instinctive submission to authority”
the action of presenting a proposal, application, or other document for consideration or judgement.
“reports should be prepared for submission at partners’ meetings”
synonyms: presentation, presenting, proffering, tendering, proposal, proposing, tabling, introduction, suggestion, venturing, broaching, airing, lodgement, positing
“you are required to write a report for submission to the Board”

Boycott Hay House

Isn’t it time Hay House nipped this in the bud? Or are they planning on dragging their own company back in time 150 years too? It would certainly seem so with all the censorship that is going on!

If you are NOT ok with this, please give the post a share, read up on the ongoing boycott and join the Hay House Boycott group on Facebook.


Blessed Be!