what it's like to experience the holy spirit

What It’s Like to Experience the Holy Spirit

What It's Like to Experience the Holy Spirit

This post is prompted by a question in one of the online groups I belong to. The question was “Has anyone here ever experienced the Holy Spirit? If so, describe your experience or what you remember that you felt or saw.”

My First Experience of the Holy Spirit

My first experience of the Holy Spirit was during a Christian worship service. I didn’t have the vocabluary back then (early 90s) to describe the experience energetically but from where I stand now I can describe it in the following terms:

It felt like a tsunami of love hitting my crown chakra and flooding my body with warmth, light and love. It didn’t push me over or make me convulse. It didn’t trigger speaking in tongues (that came later). What it did do was clear all my mind clutter and help me experience love at the most profound level possible. Tears of deep gratitude began to flow immediately.

Questioning Cessationism

This experience came a couple of years after I first started questioning the fundamentalist teachings of the Baptist church I joined as a youth during a High School exchange year in the USA. According to my church, as soon as you said the ‘sinner’s prayer,’ the Holy Spirit came to dwell in you. You were not meant to feel anything. It was about having the correct theological belief, not about experiencing anything out the ordinary.

Additionally, they believed that the supernatural gifts of the Spirit were declared null and void as of the end of the Apostolic era, when the Bible canon was fixed. Apparently, those supernatural gifts were no longer needed when the 66 books of the Bible had been decided on. This belief is known as cessationism.

Cessationism never made sense to me. Back then (80s), we had no Internet and I had no clue about where to begin looking for answers. However, Providence eventually brought me to a church back in my native Sweden that honoured the Living Spirit of God. I’m grateful that my questioning mind eventually led me away from a faith that was essentially dead and that totally denied anything miraculous. It was pretty much inevitable though since I had experienced what most would label as miracles from a very early age.

A Holy Spirit Miracle Healing

This is a story I’ve shared on the blog before so bear with me. At the time this happened we are at the start of the new millennium. I had left the Evangelical church and joined the Catholic church at this point but was getting ready to leave organised religion behind completely. That’s not to say I didn’t experience the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Catholic church–I absolutely did and most strongly during my confirmation service. However, sadly, I also experienced emotional abuse.

The Holy Spirit healing miracle happened at a friend’s birthday party. The lady whose birthday it was hosted the party in her own home. There were about six or seven women seated around the table in her dining room, all chatting about our babies and toddlers. We were all young mothers at the time; All of us except the birthday girl. As the chatter intensified, I noticed a sad look on our host’s face. I asked her if she was alright and she confessed that she wasn’t.

Prompted by Spirit

She and her partner had been trying to conceive for quite a long time. They knew it was against the odds as he had a medical condition and she wasn’t sure she was able to conceive either. A doctor had told them their chances of conceiving were basically slim to none. Out of my mouth spilled the words, ‘Would you like some healing?’ I literally heard myself say the words as if it were someone else saying them. There had been no thought preceding the offer at all and I was slightly shocked but tried not to show it as our host nodded enthusiastically.

She took me to a different room in her apartment and we sat down on a sofa. As we walked into the other room I was praying fervently for God to show me what to do because I literally had no idea. I had not yet learned how to do spiritual healing so I just went with what I was intuitively guided to do, which was to put one hand in the air and the other over her heart. Then I called on the Holy Spirit to come and Holy Spirit came. Oh boy, did fire from Heaven rain down on us in that room!

What it actually FEELS like…

What I described above of the tsunami of light, warmth and love hitting through the crown chakra was amplified by a factor of at least 100. The wave hit the whole room and the light and heat were intense. Within a minute we both had tears flowing down our faces. I’m not sure how long we sat there and I have no recollection of any words that might have been spoken but when the wave of energy subsided, we simply stopped and rejoined the others in a possibly altered and not very grounded state. This altered state quickly shifted as we continued to chat about mundane things and nibble on what was before us on the table.

When I first learned about heart coherence and using a happy memory to connect with a heart-expanding feeling, I almost always go back to that room and the moment the Holy Spirit descended into it. You really can’t top that feeling. The love is so intense that it feels as if gravity is no more. You’re being pulled toward the heart of God. There is no other way of describing it.

The result

So what happened after my friend’s healing with the Holy Spirit? Well, five weeks later she phoned me up and said, ‘Hey Lisa, you’ll never guess what!’ ‘What?,’ I said. ‘I’m pregnant!,’ she exclaimed! I can’t remember what I said after that probably just multiples of ‘Wow’ and then I added, ‘So am I.’

My pregnancy was unplanned but not unwanted. I was still trying to come to terms with the news for myself when my friend phoned. After we hung up I was in a very altered state. I remember going for a walk in the forest and struggling to feel my feet on the ground. It felt as if I was floating.

My Current Understanding

After working with the Holy Spirit and energy for many years, my current understanding is that the Holy Spirit is not exclusive to the Christian faith. I had a very strong experience of the Holy Spirit being present during a Kirtan back in 2008. This was a life-affirming experience to me since it confirmed on a feeling level that God is love and does not send people who do not have the ‘correct’ Christian theological belief to hell.

Even last year, during my spiritual crisis and brief Evangelical blip, I refused to believe that everyone who didn’t believe exactly as I did was hellbound. God cannot BE love and do that. Justice always made a lot more sense to me in terms of an evolutionary arc with many incarnations. Life is too short to learn it all in one go.

My current understanding summed up in my reply to the question about what it’s like to experience the Holy Spirit

There are varying degrees of intensity for this connection as regulated by the Higher Self (we can only handle so much and how much varies from situation to situation). You can facilitate and clear space for experiencing/feeling the connection using sound and/or crystals (obviously with INTENTION). But all you need is love and a desire to connect from the heart with Creator.

Compassion is the frequency. Holy Spirit is the miracle of love and that miracle restores us to our original state of being. We should strive to experience this daily and the aim ought to be to remain completely filled with Holy Spirit at all times. Then we will have a hand in our hand and not walk around as bodies dispossessed. Isn’t this what the embodied Kingdom of Heaven looks like? Well, it is to me. I’m not ‘there’ yet but I’m starting to know what to aim for at least.

The Holy Spirit and the Divine Feminine

I’d like to finish this post by saying that there is no way that an all-male trinity is ruling the Universe. The Holy Spirit, to me, represents the Divine Feminine. As we stand on the threshold of the Age of the Holy Spirit, we watch this false patriarchal construct crumble. The love of the Holy Spirit and the gnosis of Holy Sophia is what will bring healing and balance to Earth. The Mother and the Daughter are just as important as the Father and the Son.

How do YOU experience the Holy Spirit? Do you have a different name for this force? For me, the Holy Spirit is connected to love and devotion. Hence, it is separate from the more neutral ‘chi’ which can be powerful too but which I have not yet experienced at the same level of intensity.


Lisa Frideborg

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