reading from the gospel of mary magdelene

Reading from the Gospel of Mary Magdalene

reading from the gospel of mary magdelene

The 22 of July is the Feast of Miriam of Magdala, aka Mary Magdalene. I am reading what is left of her amazingly unique gospel in the translation of Jean-Yves Leloup. I really cannot recommend The Gospel of Mary Magdalene by Jean-Yves Leloup highly enough. Not only has it given me insights into the psyche of Mary, beloved of Christ but it has completely illuminated His teachings for me. 

Without the commentary that is available in the book, I must admit, I would not have been able to grow and learn from these words the way I have but I still think it may be of benefit to just hear the words, just as it was of benefit to me to read them out loud… Enjoy!

If you have a love for Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, why not join us over at the Magdalene Order of the White Dove on Facebook? There is an event on the 22 of July. You are invited to share any creative projects inspired by the Gospel of Mary Magdalene in honour of her Feast Day.

Love and Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg